Wedding ceremony ideas to spice up your wedding

Modern couples desire to make an original ceremony. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd to make guests remember the celebration. Below, you’ll find some options on how you can diversify your wedding ceremony and make it memorable.

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1. Outdoor nighttime ceremony. Who said that the ceremony should be held during the daytime? Be creative and put everything upside down. Shock guests by making the registration ceremony at night. Find a beautiful mighty tree and decorate it with lighting bulbs. Or, you can make an illuminated wedding arch. Be sure that everyone will remember this feature. Moreover, a night starry sky will be an excellent decoration.

2. Inviting pets to the ceremony. If you have a favorite pet, you can make it a part of the celebration. For many couples, pets are real family members. You can tie colorful ribbons to collars. If the pet is trained, give a basket of rings in its teeth.

3. A non-white wedding dress. Nowadays, it is popular to choose wedding dresses in different colors. White is considered a classic one. However, if you want to stand out and impress guests, you can prefer a nude, beige, grey wedding dress. Some brides dare to choose even red or other saturated shades.

4. Ceremony program plan. If you have a certain plan, you can print it on booklets and distribute them among guests. For distribution, choose an original way. For example, place a decorative bicycle with a basket. Put printed plans in it. Every guest will take it upon arrival. Moreover, it is likely that invitees will take photos near the bicycle.

5. Flower girl's unique entrance. Usually, flower girls carry baskets with rose petals. Develop your imagination and create your own tradition. For example, let them blow bubbles.

6. Bride entrance. By the way, it is possible to change the way the bride enters the ceremony. For example, use a funicular if your ceremony is at the top of a hill.

7. Unusual seating plan. All wedding service providers offer common seating plans. This is quite boring. Create something unique! For example, place chairs as a spiral. Thus, newlyweds will pass through all of the guests and stop in the heart of the spiral.

8. A paper bouquet. The bride can make a DIY bouquet from paper. Surprise guests and complement your wedding outfit with a non-flower bouquet.

9. Absence of wedding arch. If you stick to minimalism, you can avoid luxurious arches. Put a carpet on the ground or floor. It will be instead of a registration arch.