Unexpected wedding costs you’re totally forgetting

The wedding is a responsible event for which a couple should keep in mind many details. Thus, it is not surprising that something can slip away from the organizers’ line of view. Here, we provide a list of costs that are frequently forgotten by the majority of engaged lovers.

Unexpected Wedding Costs

1. Food for contractors. Many specialists such as a photographer, a coordinator, a videographer, an organizer, etc. will spend the whole day at your wedding. Do not leave them hungry! Of course, the menu for contractors will be simpler than the banquet menu but still, it should be nourishing.

2. Taxi for guests after the banquet. Take care of your guests’ comfort after the party and pay for a taxi that brings them to their accommodation.

3. Cork collection. Keep in mind that if you buy alcohol yourself (it is not provided by the restaurant where the banquet is held), you should pay a certain amount of money for each bottle. It is the so-called “cork collection” that a tenant pays to cafes or restaurants. But it is still cheaper than buying alcohol from the restaurant.

4. Additional hours. If the rental time is nearing the end, and guests are still not going to go home, you should have reserve money to pay for extra hours of renting the venue and work of a toastmaster, a musician, etc.

5. Attributes for wedding traditions. The wedding implies so many details that it is impossible to remember all of them. That is why such elements as attributes for wedding traditions are frequently forgotten. Discuss the traditions that are included in the holiday program and prepare all the necessary things in advance.

6. Cutlery for a wedding cake. Cutting the wedding cake is an important and touching moment of the event. So, do not forget to prepare a tray, plates or beautiful design napkins, a knife, and a spatula for cutting the cake.

7. Delivery costs. When agreeing with contractors on details, pay attention to delivery. Is it included in the total cost?

8. Nonresident guests’ accommodation. Some guests may come from other cities, and it's a good idea to help them out with accommodation. Even if you settle them at home, you should defray their expenses.

9. Cosmetic procedures. Peeling, haircut and hair coloring, manicures and pedicures, a trial wedding image – all these little things eventually result in a rather significant amount of money, which should be taken into account at the very beginning of the preparatory process.

Keep this list in mind and reserve some extra money for unexpected expenses. This way, nothing will be able to spoil your wedding day.