Unexpected Bridal Shower Ideas For Your Inspiration

A hen party is an obligatory event before marriage. This is the time for girls to cheer up and hang out. Let’s see the most extraordinary ideas of how you can spend the party.

1. Country weekend. Do you have a summer residence? Visit it and spend a couple of days together swimming in the

Unexpected Bridal Shower Ideas For Your Inspiration

river, sunbathing on the grass, making cold cocktails, and grilling fish.

2. A rooftop party. This is an unusual idea for a city bachelorette party. Just imagine a pink sunset, cold drinks in glasses, groovy music, and the whole city in front of you on your palm! But do not forget about the safety rules, going only to those roofs where it is allowed to be.

3. Wine or coffee testing. Generally, any sort of testing is an excellent idea to spend your day. During testing, you and your friends will listen to an expert’s story about the types of drink and learn the secrets of proper cooking. You’ll spend time with pleasure and benefit. A good mood is guaranteed!

4. Yoga day. Do you like yoga? Invite an instructor and arrange a class in a nearby park or in a country cottage.

5. A sports bachelorette party. If yoga seems too relaxed and you want to have more movement, choose a sport that everyone will enjoy doing: tennis, climbing gym, wakeboarding. Just do not forget to consult with the invitees, perhaps someone is recovering from an injury, cannot swim, or is afraid of heights.

6. A culinary master class. This idea is suitable for any company because you can choose any cuisine and dishes. If you don’t feel like repeating after an instructor, arrange an impromptu class at home, let each one show how to cook her favorite dish.

7. A creative master class. If the idea of standing at the stove is not tempting, but you want to try something new, visit a lesson in pottery, floristry, drawing. It is possible to pick what you like!

8. Quest in reality. Make your brains work and strain by participating in one of the quests in reality. It’s always fun and guarantees a good mood for all participants.

9. An eco-friendly bachelorette party. Are you worried about the ecology of your city? Are sorting trash, asking for takeaway coffee in your mug, and reducing the level of consumption all about you? Help your friends get on this path by organizing activities that will benefit nature. For example, clean up the nearest park or the lakeshore, and let those reusable mugs become gifts for friends.

10. An online bachelorette party. Times have changed, and modern reality dictates other rules. The pandemic has locked everybody at home. Friends are separated by distance, live in various countries, or even on different continents, so the idea of an online bachelorette party on Zoom doesn’t seem so ridiculous anymore.