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Underwater marriage proposal Dubai

Do you want to surprise your soulmate? An unexpected marriage proposal over a romantic dinner underwater in Dubai will certainly be a special and extraordinary event for your couple.

What is the phenomenon of the success of a Dubai restaurant? There are two key factors: an amazing kitchen and a

Underwater Marriage Proposal Dubai UAE

well-thought-out interior. A giant aquarium stretches along the tables. Looking at the marine life, you begin to believe that you are deep underwater.

Stingrays, moray eels, sea anemones, and sponges swim in the marine aquarium, maneuvering between corals.

Ossiano - the underwater and refined restaurant of the Atlantis The Palm Hotel will be the place of a unique marriage proposal in Dubai

"Ossiano" is also called the restaurant of lovers. Marriage proposals are often made in it. Scuba diver swims at the right time to your table with a sign "Marry me!".

Your chosen one will be absolutely delighted, shocked, and delighted at this incredible moment, and then, of course, the answer was "YES", accompanied by tears of joy!

Fresh oysters, king prawns, lobsters, red caviar, and sea bass cooked in a salt shell.

The seafood restaurant "Ossiano" in the hotel Atlantis is not so easy to get into. Every time you come across the phrase "there are no free tables." To hear other words like "Welcome", you need to book a table in advance and take care of it in advance.

Ossiano Restaurant turns the enjoyment of fine cuisine into an exciting adventure. Delicious seafood, original author's delicacies from a world-famous chef surrounded by a fascinating underwater world. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant is suitable for an original romantic dinner.

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