Ultimate wedding seating chart

Why is it important to create a thought-out seating plan? Because the way you seat your guests will directly influence the atmosphere of the celebration. A properly developed seating plan will help your relatives and those of your future husband get to know each other better, have fun, and feel relaxed during the event. Thus, it is necessary to consider this point of the preparatory process seriously. There are the following schemes of guests seating:

Ultimate Wedding Seating Chart

1. An Italian option. This scheme implies that 4 invitees seat at one table. A newlyweds’ table is placed on a podium so that every guest can clearly see them.

2. An English option. In an English version, round tables for 8 persons are used. According to psychologists, it is this number of invitees, which allows creating a favorable atmosphere for relaxed and friendly communication.

3. Cabaret. This option implies using round tables for 8 persons as in an English version. But the difference is that some seats remain empty so that no one seats with his/her back directed to the newlyweds’ table. This scheme reminds me of Cabaret; that is why it has such a name.

When developing a seating plan, it is advisable to keep in mind the following tips:

- It is advisable to alternate men and women. Moreover, women usually sit to the right of men.

- Newlyweds’ parents should sit closer to the newlyweds’ table.

- Remember that the age of all guests at one table should be relatively the same. For example, seating young invitees and elder guests at one table is a bad idea. It is better to group guests of the same age at one table so they have more common topics to talk about.

- If someone is invited alone or comes to the wedding without a partner, do not seat him/her to couples or married people.

- If you gather several guests who do not know each other at one table, do not forget to introduce them to each other.

- If there are lots of children, you can leave a separate table with sweets for them.

- If you know the temperaments of your guests, try to use this information for your seating plan. For example, if there are several humorists, it is better to seat them at different tables so that they cheer up other wedding guests.

- If you know the interests and hobbies of your guests, try to combine them according to this principle. At least, they will easier find points of interest and have common topics to discuss.

As you see, an ordinary seating plan turns out to be a crucial point that can influence the whole celebration and change the atmosphere of the wedding.