Step-by-step guide to planning your wedding

Planning a wedding is not an easy procedure. One should consider dozens (or even hundreds) of points. It is difficult to remember all the points and keep them in the head. It is evident that you’re likely to forget something in such a mess.

That is why it is important to have a step-by-step guide. If you have one, you can easily follow each point and make sure that everything is under control. So, let’s get down to the list itself.

Wedding Planning Guide

1. Determining the budget. This is traditionally the first point of the preparatory process. First, you should clearly determine how much money you have. And judging by this information, plan further points and expenses.

2. Make the list of all the necessary things and attributes for the celebration.

3. Choosing the place for registration. This point implies choosing either an outdoor or an indoor registration. Here, you should also determine the date.

4. Finding the best venue for the banquet. Discuss this point and decide whether you want to have a classic dinner in a cafe/restaurant or an outdoor party.

5. Find a toastmaster. It takes a lot of time to find the toastmaster that you’ll like. Everyone has a unique entertainment program.

6. Developing the design and text of invitation cards.

7. Outfits for newlyweds. Do not postpone this point. Especially, if you’re a bride. Remember that you should fit the dress several times before you buy it. The process is not for one day.

8. Make a wedding guest list. One more concern is to decide whom to invite. Here, you should decide which time of the event you want to have. Will it be a full-scale banquet or a small family dinner? Depending on your choice, make the guest list.

9. Search for a photographer and video operator.

10. Find a hairdresser, makeup artist.

11. Developing the design of a wedding cake.

12. Finding the right musical accompaniment. Decide which type of music you want to have. Will it be live music or DJ sets?

13. Developing a wedding dance and attending dance classes.

14. Book tickets for a honeymoon trip.

15. Make sure that all the documents are ready.

16. Make the menu for the celebration.

17. Buy all the necessary little things. Such as a cushion for rings, decorated champagne glasses, a wedding bouquet, etc.

18. Develop the scenario of a bachelor/bachelorette party.

19. Develop the plan of guest seating.

20. Make a trial makeup and find the best option.

To draw the line, it is important to say that you can avoid all these hustles. Hire a professional wedding coordinator (or planner) who will take over the majority of the above-mentioned duties.