Ultimate timeline of your wedding day

Wedding day schedule - how to do everything in time Not many newlyweds can afford to give the organization of their wedding to another person, even if he is a specialist.

How To Plan The Ultimate Wedding Day Timeline: Tips And Ideas

This is due to a variety of factors, but in this case, the newlyweds have to independently schedule their celebration. And this article will tell you how to do it correctly.

Wedding Day Routine The order of the Wedding Day In order to properly schedule a wedding day, it is necessary to take into account the following important points, which usually take a lot of time:

1. Time before marriage registration. In the morning, before the marriage registration procedure, you need to take time to gather for the newlyweds, as well as to receive guests who will visit the registry office. It is also worth considering the time on the road. All this takes a lot of time, besides, it is necessary to take into account force majeure situations in which the newlyweds may be delayed. If you calculate this time correctly, you can find out the time of rising on the wedding day.

2. Time for the bride. Some brides decide to hire a professional photographer who will shoot the "Morning of the Bride". It will also take a lot of time. And it also takes time for hair, dress, and makeup. Therefore, it is important to allocate enough time for these procedures. Perhaps it is better to choose the time of marriage a little later than lunch – in this case, the risks of not having time to do something are reduced.

3. Time for guests. Few people count the time spent on congratulations, giving gifts, and seating at the festive table. But this perfectly confuses the newlyweds. Therefore, even such a trifle must be included in the schedule of the wedding day.

4. Time for marriage registration. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes. However, if you also order a photographer, then you need to spend a little more time. In addition, the registry office will take time for congratulations from guests and the dance of the newlyweds.

5. Time for a photoshoot. It can take place not only in the registry office. Sometimes the newlyweds decide to arrange a whole photoshoot in nature, at iconic places, etc. Therefore, it is also worth allocating time for it. Plus, there is time for movement, if the locations for photos are located in different parts of the city.

6. Time for toasts and congratulations. It is a mistake to believe that toasts and congratulations will take place very quickly. There will always be such guests who will stretch their congratulations with some story. Therefore, it is better to take the time to congratulate with reserve.

7. Time for the final. Usually, the finale of each wedding is the cutting of the cake. And it will take at least half an hour. Therefore, it is better to plan this action a little earlier than the expected departure of the couple from the banquet.

Thus, in order to properly plan a wedding day, you need to take into account every little thing. They are the ones that take the most time.