The ultimate destination wedding checklist

A wedding is an important event that takes a lot of effort, nerves, and time. It is impossible to remember all the smallest tasks especially as the deadline is coming. If you plan a destination wedding, then you have even more duties. In such cases, it is necessary to use a checklist in which you’ll write down all the necessary tasks to be done. We have already compiled the list, so you can use it to check your readiness.

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Checklist

1. Check tickets, passports, and other documents. As your wedding is held in another country, do not forget to get all the necessary documents for a trip/flight and book tickets in advance.

2. Book apartments in a destination country

3. Find a place for a photoshoot

4. Choose and book cars for a wedding procession

5. Find a toastmaster and discuss music and all the details of a wedding program

6. Choose a wedding cake

7. Discuss the menu and wine map with a service provider

8. Pack suitcases. A groom should necessarily put a wedding suit, shoes, a tie/bow tie, and a shirt. A bride should not forget shoes, accessories, a wedding dress, underwear, stockings, or tights. In addition, take casual clothes and several comfortable pairs of shoes.

9. Do not forget the rings!

10. Call your guests. Make sure that all guests are ready and that they do not have force majeure. Call them and remind them of the time and place of departure.

11. Ask invitees who will be definitely present at the wedding and inform a service provider about a precise number of guests

12. Check the venue. Upon arrival in the destination country, contact the agency that organized your wedding. Ask them whether everything is ready and visit the chosen location.

13. Pick up your wedding bouquet and a groom's boutonniere

14. Call your photographer and coordinate actions on the wedding day

15. Contact your stylist, hairdresser, and make-up master and coordinate your preparation

16. Prepare money to be paid for services and put them in different envelops to avoid confusion

17. Appoint a person who will be responsible for wedding attributes and accessories (candles, wine glasses, a knife for a cake)

18. Appoint a person who will be responsible for gifts

19. Rehearse a wedding dance

20. Try to relax and spend the last night without nerves (take a relaxing bath or make a modest bachelorette party, spend an evening with parents).

These are the main and obligatory points that every couple should fulfill in order to arrange a destination wedding. Keep these points in mind and your preparatory process will be easy and less nervous.