Ultimate bridesmaid duties checklist

A bridesmaid is an important person at a wedding. It’s not only a bride’s bosom friend but also a person who is responsible for a wide range of duties. Thus, on the one hand, it is pleasant when your friend chooses you to be her bridesmaid, but, on the other hand, be ready that this role will be quite troublesome. Let’s see what is the whole list of bridesmaids’ duties while arranging and celebrating a wedding.

Ultimate Bridesmaid Duties Checklist

The preparatory process:

1. While preparing for the celebration, the bridesmaid should help the bride choose a wedding dress. Although for girls, shopping is always a pleasant occupation, choosing the right dress can take several days or even weeks.

2. The bridesmaid should organize a hen party or a bridal shower. She perfectly knows the preferences of her friend and will be able to make an ideal celebration with her closest friends.

3. Develop the scenario of a dowry, and prepare all the necessary elements and attributes. A wedding day morning (before registration):

1. You’re the first person who comes to the bride’s house. You should help your friend to put on the dress and decorate the house for the dowry.

2. Preparation for registration. It is the bridesmaid’s duty to check whether newlyweds have taken the rings, champagne, and sweets. Do not forget about small coins, millet, or rose petals to shower newlyweds as they leave a registration office.

3. Take an emergency kit that includes such things as lipstick, a mirror, an adhesive plaster, a comb, an umbrella, etc.

4. Physiological support. Perhaps, this is the most important point for the bride. It is important to know that a reliable person is always next to you and will always help you if something goes wrong.

In the registry office or during an outside registration:

1. When newlyweds exchange rings, the bridesmaid holds the bridal bouquet. When guests congratulate newlyweds, it is she who accepts and holds all the bouquets.

2. You should keep newlyweds’ passports and a marriage registration certificate with you until you arrive at a banquet hall or even until the end of the celebration.

During a banquet:

1. The bridesmaid is the one who should be active during the celebration.

2. She should give toasts.

3. She should take part in the majority of competitions.

4. It is her duty to gather gifts during cutting a wedding cake and congratulating newlyweds.

5. The bridesmaid is one of those persons who will create a general mood for the holiday. As you see, this list is huge. And these are only basic duties. However, despite all the responsibilities and difficulties, it is a great honor if your friend asks you to become her bridesmaid.