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Tropical wedding inspiration

A tropical wedding is an excellent option for the summer season. It is the style that reminds guests of the sun, warm coastal countries, and positive emotions. It combines simplicity and elegance, bright colors and unexpected accents in decor.

Tropical Wedding Inspiration

1. Decor. A tropical wedding is characterized by an abundance of colors. Therefore, the color of fresh grass can serve as a basis. Such colors as yellow, orange, burgundy, red, fuchsia, white will be perfect contrasting accents. To create an exotic wedding interior, one can use:

- tropical greenery (palm leaves, monstera, fern leaves, strelitzia, proteus, robelini, etc.);

- exotic flowers (orchids, callas, hydrangea);

- tropical fruits (for example, carom, coconuts or pineapples will look original in wedding décor);

- wickerwork (furniture, baskets, fruit vases);

- fabrics with bright tropical prints;

- exotic birds (it can be either pictures that depict parrots or real birds in cages);

- exotic decorative elements, such as drums and torches.

2. A wedding venue. You can organize the wedding outdoors or in a marquee. A room in the Loft style is also good but the most suitable option is the sea coast.

3. The bride and the groom’s outfits. A relaxed atmosphere is typical for tropical weddings. Newlyweds should choose light and bright outfits that do not hinder movements. Especially if they decide to have the wedding in the summer. For brides, it is recommended to pay attention to airy and flying fabrics. A chiffon skirt with slits, a short dress, and options with an open back will help create a perfect beach outfit. The most suitable option for the bride's hairstyle is loose curls with a bright exotic flower or a wreath. The groom can change a classic black suit for a stylish T-shirt and shorts of bright colors. If you stick to classics, you can also choose a suit of a vivid color.

4. The bride’s bouquet. Ideal options are:

- A bright bouquet of exotic flowers;

- A restrained composition of tropical greenery;

- An original combination of greenery, flowers, and fruits.

5. Additional details. In order to underline tropical wedding design, keep in mind the following points:

- Create invitation cards with typical exotic floral prints;

- Think over a dress code for guests;

- Make an unusual photo zone;

- Choose an appropriate wedding cake design;

- Add Hawaiian music to your playlist;

- Focus on the menu (treat guests with exotic fruits and dishes, cocktails with small umbrellas).

A tropical wedding is a bold and original decision. Such design themes are suitable for confident, cheerful and unusual couples. A creative approach will help organize a unique, bright holiday.

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