Trending Bridal Hairstyles For 2020

The wedding is a special event for every girl. A bride wants to look stunning and impress a groom and guests with her outfit.

Trending Bridal Hairstyles For 2020

That is why, a dress, shoes, jewelry, makeup, a hairstyle are properly chosen and every little thing of her festive outfit matters, every hairpin or bow has its own meaning. Not a single oversight is allowed on this day.

In 2020, hairdressers prefer naturalness and in some cases, even add slight negligence to the bride’s image. However, various kinds of braids, combed Hollywood curls, classic styling, and bohemian hairstyles that came from the 40s of the last century are still popular. Let’s consider the main favorites of the forthcoming 2020.

1. A retro styling. This is the main trend in 2020. This hairstyle takes us to bygone times. Such an “old-fashioned” styling demonstrates grace and restraint. This is the styling worn by peerless Audrey Hepburn. This hairstyle is advisable for those brides who want to create an elegant and graceful image, emphasizing the beauty of the face and the restraint of the bride’s character. If you plan a themed wedding (for example, “The Great Gatsby”), then such hairstyles will be the best choice.

2. All types of braiding. Greek braids are still popular. Due to a great variety of braiding, every bride will find a suitable option. A braid can either weave all hair or serve as a decorative element, for example, a headband. Creative hairstyles with braids look airy and romantic. They are recommended for romantic and cheerful girls. Such hairstyles are frequently decorated with flowers, decorative hairpins, or diadems.

3. Hollywood curls. These hairstyles are chic and graceful. It’s a perfect option for girls who want to combine tenderness and temperament when planning their wedding hairstyle. You can also add some hair accessories that will make your look gorgeous. Combed hair with slight curls helps create an elegant and romantic image.

4. A Boho hairstyle. Uncombed curls, the combination of braids, and loose hair are the main distinctive features of the Boho style. Such hairstyles are aimed at underlining girls’ naturalness and character. They remind forest nymphs or mermaids. Frequently, the hairstyles are decorated with a wreath, braids or ribbons, and natural flowers (usually, wildflowers).

5. A bun. A classic bun with perfectly styled hair is the most popular kind of retro styling. Nevertheless, hairdressers offer all sorts of buns with uncombed curls, which add a bit of negligence to the bride’s image. Such hairstyles are decorated with different accessories including bar pins, flowers, hairpins, and tiaras.

An important remark: adding too much hair spray is considered a bad taste. In 2020, it is better to use less spray than more.