Signs you’re the toxic one in relationship

The relationship is not so sweet and cute as it is shown in movies. It is a hard job. In order to cope with all problems and obstacles, you should learn how to go on compromises, admit wrong opinions, listen to your partner, etc. You should constantly work on yourself to keep your relations alive. Let’s see the most evident indicators that show that you’re toxic for your couple.

Signs You’re The Toxic One In Relationship

1. You spend all the time with your beloved and forget about yourself. Of course, it’s good if you feel interconnection and cherish each moment spent together. But do not forget that every human is a personality. Sooner or later, you’ll get tired of the constant attention of your partner. Or vice versa. Thus, every healthy mind should leave time for staying alone. You should not plunge into your partner and get lost in him/her. It is good if sometimes you want to be alone or spend some time apart.

2. You do not think about words when arguing. You can easily say hurtful words. You do not think about the consequences of your words. You can hurt your sweetheart. Even if you don’t mind these words, your partner will remember them.

3. Each time everything goes wrong you suggest breaking up. This is one of the ways to assert yourself. But remember that if your partner truly loves you, it is real torture for him/her

4. Jealousy does not let your couple normally exist. There is a reasonable framework for any behavior. Do not cross the line with any of your feelings. It is rather normal to feel jealous. But do not be too jealous. Remember that your partner can meet his/her friends and talk by phone. Do not overdo with your care.

5. You do not admit your mistakes. If you understand that you’re wrong, find the strength to admit your mistake. Do not be stubborn and stay your ground. The healthy argument is a compromise. You should learn to be wiser. Sometimes, it is better to stop disputing even if you see that your opponent is not right.

6. You talk all the time. One more useful skill is to learn to listen to your partner. Remember that not only you want to speak out. Thus, listen to your beloved, ask about the news. Generally, let him/her talk.

7. You try to change your sweetheart. This is a crucial mistake. You should love the person as he/she is. It is impossible to change your partner. If you don’t like something, you can either reconcile it or break up immediately. Remember that you should love all imperfections of your partner. In this case, this is true love. Everyone should remain its personality in the relationship.