Top Wedding Jewelry Trends For 2020

Wedding accessories are an indispensable part of a bride’s image. Every bride wants to look stunning on the most unforgettable day of her life. Thus, particular attention is given to each detail. Accessories should be chosen properly as their main function is to underline the beauty of a bride. Accessories are designed to decorate your image.

Top Wedding Jewelry Trends For 2020

In 2020, classic pearl threads remain relevant. This is classic jewelry that perfectly matches any style of wedding dress. Such pendants will never become outdated. Pearls create a perfect match with a bride’s dress. However, bridesmaids can also choose elegant pendants decorated with stones and rhinestones for their outfits. Such brides look graceful and refined.

Removable collars embroidered with large stones or decorated with lace and embroideries will be the trend of the next season.

A wedding diadem is a great decoration for brides. An elegant accessory of small size, decorated with placers of stones, will make a bridal hairstyle original and sophisticated. Hairpins of various shapes with rhinestones and pearls give a special charm to a wedding outfit.

In 2020, a classic veil can be replaced with a wreath of fresh or artificial flowers and berries. This case is especially relevant if you have a rustic or eco wedding theme. In such cases, a wreath will underline your love for nature. Most of all, such an accessory is suitable for brides with delicate features and beautiful, long curls. If you choose a wreath instead of a classic wedding veil, your image will be incredibly delicate and sophisticated.

Headbands are one more interesting alternative to veils. There is a wide range of models. You’ll find wide and narrow ones, embroidered models, headbands with elements of the original decor, and other interesting solutions. Vintage fashion offers lace accessories for weddings in retro style.

Empire-style jewelry is one more trend this year. Such accessories usually include several elements (for example, earrings and a necklace). They are perfect for dresses with high waists and a flowing skirt with a tail. This jewelry well emphasizes the neckline of the bride, creating the image of a nymph.

To conclude, it is important to say that it is necessary to choose accessories taking into account your bridal look, face type, and style of your dress. For example, if you have a round face, it is necessary to choose earrings that will visually lengthen it, while girls with long faces should prefer round accessories without sharp angels and elongated silhouettes.