Top wedding cake alternatives

If you have a small wedding, it is not necessary to order a big wedding cake. If you invite only the closest relatives and bosom friends to the celebration, you can choose alternative options. Pay attention to the following ideas. You can choose one of them instead of a wedding cake.

Top wedding cake alternatives

1. A sweet table is ideal for a buffet party. Fill it with small-sized portioned desserts so that guests can enjoy sweet treats easily. An assortment of cakes and tartlets would be the best choice.

2. A pyramid of cupcakes is an original solution for decorating the table, regardless of the format of the banquet. Order a made dish of cupcakes to please every invitee. Put sweets for different tastes on the table. These include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, hypoallergenic ones.

3. Mini cakes are an excellent dessert for a small table. This is an ideal option for banquets with few guests. If you’re not sure if all of them will want to try the cake, decorate the table with a few small cakes with different fillings and designs. In this case, you can even follow the tradition and cut one of the cakes with the groom.

4. A macaroon pyramid is an original and delicious installation that will decorate your table. It will definitely add memorable photos to your wedding photo album. In addition, macarons are a tasty light dessert. Therefore, such an alternative is suitable for both a welcome buffet and for the end of a banquet or an after-party.

5. Chocolate fountains and fondue are an exquisite dessert option for a buffet table or a small celebration. If you are not sure whether guests will be able to use the fondue or fountain on their own, invite a professional chocolatier to the wedding.

6. Lollipops, cake pops, and marshmallows are bright sweets for an informal celebration. A sweet table decorated with vivid candies and marshmallows will be the perfect background for a photoshoot. Do not forget to place an icon with your wedding hashtag on the table so that guests can immediately upload spectacular shots to social networks.

7. A wedding pie is another alternative to a wedding cake. If you are planning the celebration in an informal or eco-style, the pie will be the perfect end of your dinner. By the way, newlyweds can follow the tradition and cut it.

There are quite many options on how to replace a traditional wedding cake. Be sure that you can surprise your guests with uncommon ideas and tasty desserts.