Top tips for the perfect proposal

A proposal is an important and touching event for every girl. They remember it for the rest of their lives. That is why guys can’t spoil the moment. This step requires thorough preparation. Note the following tips to make your proposal perfect:

Top Tips For The Perfect Proposal

1. Pick a day when you won’t be in hurry. Plan your actions and do not propose “on the go”. Although these words sound ridiculous for some of you, still, some men behave exactly this way. They suddenly declare their desire to get married while going from a shop… without a ring, flowers. They just say: “Shouldn’t we get married?” This is the worst idea.

2. Although you’ll be nervous about the event, do not drink hard drinks. Propose marriage while drunk is a bad idea. You show disrespect for your sweetheart by this step. It would seem that only after getting drunk, you are able to decide on a responsible step.

3. Eye-to-eye contact is one of the most important things during the event. Pronounce the most touching words while looking at her eyes. Don’t do this step on a phone call.

4. Do not put a ring in all sorts of food. If a girl doesn’t expect something and would swallow the ring or broke her tooth, a touching moment will turn into an unpleasant one. If you want to add dishes into your proposal, then put the ring so that she could clearly see it from the moment she would look at the dish. For example, on top of a piece of cake.

5. Try not to turn the proposal into the concert. Especially if you have a shy and quiet girlfriend. Are you planning something extraordinary? Think about whether this fits the character of a potential wife? Would she feel uncomfortable?

6. Is your beloved not enthusiastic about sports? Forget about the proposal on a stadium. Doesn't like a theater? Drop the idea of the proposal from the stage. The step must be thought out to the pieces. The main thing is to pick the option that matches your girl’s temperament and personality.

7. Not all girls would like to hear the proposal when the whole family is gathered. So, consider your partner’s preferences and character.

8. If the girl doesn’t agree immediately but answer “I should think about it”, don’t make her response tragic. Surely, she is very serious about this step and is not obliged to immediately agree. You can scare her away with your hysteria.

9. If you need help, address an agency that specializes in such event organization. Employees will help you pick a suitable option and arrange a high-quality event. You won’t have to worry about hundreds of details and will be sure that everything will be OK.

10. If a certain dress code is required, do not forget to say how your girlfriend should look like, advise her on what to put on.