Top makeup trends 2020

2020 is the year of stepping out of your comfort zone. It is all about challenging yourself and the surrounding people. Thus, brand new fashion trends dominate the world of cosmetics. Let’s find out about them in this article.

Top Makeup Trends wedding bride

1. Glass skin. Skin glitter is the primary trend. According to the leading makeup artists, your skin should shine. It can be achieved by mixing cream highlighters, moisturizers, and oils. But in this case, it is crucial to do it correctly. Otherwise, your skin will look too oily. You should add a bit of glass skin effect to some regions of the face. For instance, it can be the chin, middle of forehead, cheeks, and nose.

2. Fluffy, feathered brows. Forget about drawn brows or perfect Instagram ones. Today, fluffy, full brows are on top. This year is when spending dozens of minutes trying to draw tidy and thin brows is unnecessary. This year, you should highlight their natural beauty with an eyebrow and brush them with brow pomade. That’s it!

3. Floating Eyeliner. Although a traditional black eyeliner is considered classic, this year, makeup artists s suggest using colorful eyeliners in bright shades. For example, bright pink or green.

4. Color-blocking. 2020 is the year of experiments with colors. Do not be afraid of mixing bright colors that sometimes may look ridiculous. This year, artists suggest trying such combinations as pink-green or orange-blue. If properly combined, your makeup will look stylish, modern, and bold.

5. Forget about the powder; stick to dew. It is advisable to use more natural and dewy products for your skin. Although the powder is still possible, artists prefer to choose products that highlight your natural and fresh skin.

6. Negative space. It means that you leave certain areas of your eyelids unpainted. You can use different shapes or techniques, but the thing is that there should be unpainted space.

7. Blush. Use a coral or bright pink blush for your makeup. Generally, this trend is all about using your blush on your cheeks and putting it on your eyelids or temples.

8. Accents on inner eye corners. It is possible to use any colors. The main thing is that the accent of your eye makeup should be shifted to the inner corners. Thus, they should look brighter or darker than external eye corners.

To summarize, it is necessary to say that this year, bright (or even technicolor) colors and glitter are welcomed. You can add such a palette to your makeup kit and find a new perfect makeup for your appearance which will meet all the above-mentioned points.