Top hair color trends

Have you decided on a cardinal change of your image or just want to refresh your appearance? Beauty specialists are constantly improving dyeing and tinting techniques. In this article, we are going to consider what hair color to choose to look stunning and emphasize your personality.

Top Hair Color Trends

The most popular hair colors of 2020 will be: - “Brond” will be an excellent option for fashionistas with absolutely different color types. A light blond will be the most popular shade in 2020 as it emphasizes your face’s features. - Blue-black. Gorgeous black hair with a blue tint won the hearts of their fans. This is a noble shade that will be perfect for the winter season. - A rainbow on hair will be an excellent choice for creative personalities who are ready for a riot. This is a hair color style for active and daring fashionistas. It is possible to dye not only the whole hair lengths but also a part of it. This way, you can create a lovely image. - A “Rose Gold” shade continues taking the leading positions in 2020. This color looks elegant and trendy. An indisputable pro of this color style is that you can mix different colors. For instance, it can be a warm golden shade matched with peach or lavender ash. Pink color with an ash shade is a win-win option. - If you’re a pretty woman with medium-length hair, stylists recommend choosing ocher color. According to them, this shade is frequently chosen as a base color. - Emerald shade will emphasize your beauty. It is a self-sufficient color that perfectly matches fashionistas with blue or gray eyes. Be sure that it will create a gorgeous effect, and you won’t go unnoticed. - Cherry red is perfect for short hairstyle. Do you want to look mischievous or create a playful image? This color will help you. It is ideal for brown-eyed girls with fair skin. Now, let’s what dying techniques are on top this year: - This year, a traditional “balayage” technique is replaced by a novelty – a “tweed” dying. This technique allows achieving smoother color mixing. - Fashionistas have probably already heard that this year a solar “baby lights” technology will be in trend. The main peculiarity of this coloring technique is the effect of “sun glare” on hair. This coloring style looks very natural. It seems that the sun decolorized some strands of hair. You should pay attention to this coloring technique in the following cases: You prefer natural beauty. In this case, you keep your hair color but only tint hair a bit; You want to keep your natural hair color but add some fresh trends to your image; You hate tinting roots frequently.