Top groom tips

Newlyweds must look perfect. It is also important that their images are in harmony with each other. Therefore, the groom must take a responsible approach to the choice of attire.

Groom's Wedding Suit Emirates Towers Dubai

1. Many men give preference to a classic suit. As a rule, it comprises a dark jacket, trousers, and vest. The outfit is complemented by a white shirt, tie, black shoes, and dark socks.

2. Please note that the optimal length of the trousers reaches the middle of the heel of the shoes. If the groom is short-height, it is not recommended for him to choose trousers with a cuff, as this style visually shortens the legs.

3. A tie is an important accessory of the groom’s image. A bow tie or neckerchief is sometimes used instead of it. The shade of this accessory should be in harmony with the tone of the jacket. If the suit is dark, it should be lighter; if the suit is light, then, it is darker.

4. A boutonniere is a significant detail. It must necessarily correspond to the bride's bouquet. It is put on the left lapel of the jacket.

5. The image of the groom should be neat. So, do not forget to go to a beauty salon. Even if you haven’t ever visited it. Firstly, this is a hairdresser. Make sure that your hair is perfect. If you have a beard, be sure to tidy it up before the celebration. Also, take care of your nails. This is important for a photoshoot, as the camera can focus on even the most invisible defects.

6. It is the groom’s responsibility to buy wedding rings.

7. All questions that relate to techniques are the man’s task. For example, musical accompaniment.

8. Surely, the groom does not know all the relatives of his beloved. So, it is recommended to look through photographs in advance and get acquainted with her relatives. This will help you create a good impression of yourself.

9. Do not forget to take the following things in the registry office. These include passports, rings, the bride's bouquet, money.

10. Your mood is important. Try to smile. Of course, you don't have to do this all the time. But, at least when guests pronounce toasts and congratulations. Or when the camera is directed at you. Otherwise, you can ruin both the mood of the guests and the photos of your wedding day.

11. Take part in an entertainment program and contests. Even if they seem very silly to you, this is your wedding, and you are responsible for the program. You should cheer up guests.

12. Throughout the celebration, you must behave politely and gallantly towards absolutely all guests.

Being the main person at the wedding is not an easy task. However, try to match the status.