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Planning an outdoor wedding in Dubai

Dubai is majestic in all respects, and weddings held here are, a priori, spectacular and glorious. Most couples in Dubai desire to get hitched exclusively outdoors in the background of fantastical cityscapes locked in matchless natural beauties. However, throwing an all-out wedding in Dubai is not without its hidden traps. These tips will help you turn your outdoor Arabian wedding into an enjoyable and smooth celebration.

Beach Wedding Venue, Outdoor decor, arch, flowers

Comfort comes first. Whatever the season, Dubai is always sunny and quite hot. Leaving your attendants to swelter under merciless ultraviolet is not a kind gesture. Look into renting powerful electric fans that will blow out a nice breeze and a spacious wedding tent that will serve as a saving shade for the whole public. Ice-cold water and refreshing drinks such as lemonades, teas, and punches must be provided aplenty, so your guests will easily cool down themselves when they need it.

Get ready for weather caprices. Dubai is a city of surprises. Though unlikely, still your open-air wedding might be spoiled by a thunderstorm, wind, or a cold snap. In order not to let the weather compromise your nuptials, you should have a backup plan for turning your all-out wedding into the indoor one. A tent and portable heaters may be a good option to save your feast while the weather is playing its pranks, but they will not work in the case of violent rain. The solution is pulling off an outdoor wedding in the yard of an elegant wedding venue in a hotel or restaurant whose beautiful interiors are always ready to host a wedding party if the weather gets nasty. These venues pose ideal gardens for your dream wedding under the open sky in Dubai:

• The Palazzo Versace

• The Ritz-Carlton

• Shangri-La Hotel

• Fairmont The Palm

• Kempinksi Hotel and Residences

Make yourself heard. When you envision your outdoor wedding at the Dubai seashore, you are definitely not hearing the thunder of waves, gusts of wind, and the yelling of beachgoers arising now and then. Consider renting a good sound system with clip microphones for the couple, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and all officials. If you hire a deejay or a live band, the question of a sound system will automatically drop because they generally bring their own professional sound equipment along.

Courtesy floral decorations. One of the greatest advantages of an outdoor Dubai wedding is the astonishing scenery around you, which saves you from the necessity to decorate much. Typically, a floral arch or a trellis is enough to complement the surrounding amenity of nature and frame the couple while they exchange their vows. Strings of garlands, lanterns, and pennants hanging over the tables and nearby trees will also contribute to an overall charming atmosphere and pour our light when it gets darker.

Clever menu. Make sure the wedding ceremony stands up to the heat without getting spoiled. Avoid excessive use of heavy condiments like mayonnaise or cream. Opt for the seasonal menu and steer clear of fatty foods or those which may easily melt under the Dubai sun and attract undesired pests. If the use of perishable culinary delights is unavoidable, then serve them after the sun goes down and the temperature drops.

Nasty Mosquitoes. Nasty insects can ruin your outdoor wedding ceremony making everyone fiercely swat in the air instead of having fun. Marigolds and lavender bouquets, citronella candles, and electric ventilators will banish these bloodthirsty bugs from your wedding site allowing you to party to the max.

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