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Useful tips for finding the perfect wedding photographer

Wedding photos are not just ordinary pictures – these are your memories! Therefore, it is so important to choose the perfect photographer. Our tips will help you make the right choice:

Finding The Perfect Wedding Photographer

1. Make sure that your photographer knows the city very well. Dubai is a beautiful and large city. That’s why if you have an inexperienced photographer, you risk even not learning about the most picturesque places for a wedding photo shoot on Dubai. A skilled wedding photographer in Dubai will advise your couple the best options for the photo shoot depending on your personalities and preferences. He will listen to your wishes, ask about your tastes, and offer the most suitable option.

2. If you chat through social networks and look through shots on a website, do not rely only on digital photos. Pay attention to the number and quality of shots on the photographer’s website – this will allow you to understand his style. But do not forget that the best shots are displayed there, and some photographers even hire assistants who select and edit photos for the site. This means that all the photos you get after the wedding will not necessarily be of the same high quality.

3. Separate retouching skills and assess photos composition. If you are not a skilled person, then you may not immediately realize that some photos presented have been retouched. The ability to retouch is an important part of the photographer’s work but the way the chosen person can see shots composition and correctly place models in front of the camera is much more important. That’s why it is advisable to pay more attention to photos composition rather than their retouching.

4. Too many accessories and attributes, too few newlyweds. Often in the portfolio of photographers, there are a lot of picturesque photos, which depict decor elements, cute trinkets, and attributes. But this should not distract you from the main characters - the bride and the groom. If while looking through the portfolio you see only beautiful shots of flowers, cakes, shoes and only a few photos of the newlyweds, you should be wary. Why does the photographer avoid the newlyweds and concentrate the main part of the portfolio on details?

5. Try to communicate in real life or by means of a video camera. Be sure to talk personally with the photographer. Find out how he/she works, do not hesitate to ask questions about everything that bothers you, look through the portfolio and listen to yourself: do you feel comfortable with the chosen person? The result of your wedding photo shoot depends on the work of the photographer and your mood, so make sure that you understand each other perfectly and do not feel restrained.

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