Tips for choosing your wedding venue

One of the main components of a beautiful and memorable wedding is a perfect place for a banquet. Before choosing a wedding venue, determine the following points for yourself:

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Venue

1. The number of invitees and the venue capacity. The more guests, the more spacious the room should be. After all, the wedding is not only the banquet but also an entertainment program, dances. So that guests enjoy the holiday without disturbing each other, there should be plenty of space in room.

2. Will there be visiting guests? If you invite guests from other cities or countries, then you should take care of their rest and accommodation after the event. If you plan to rent a room in a hotel, then it is better to choose a banquet room closer to the place of temporary residence so that nonresident guests do not get lost.

3. Discuss your wedding budget. In this case, the budget for the banquet. Remember, this point includes not only dishes but also the musical accompaniment, the festive decoration of the hall. If you hire personnel, then the point also includes their salary (waiters, cooks, drivers).

4. Time of the year. If in the cold season you have to choose between enclosed spaces, then the spring-summer period allows you to hold your celebration in nature. If you choose an outside registration, check the weather forecast and prepare an awning.

5. A menu and service. Think over the menu in advance. Pay particular attention to serving weight. Remember that according to restaurant standards, one person requires 1.5 kg food for the banquet (without bread and drinks). As the event lasts until late at night, it is necessary to ensure enough serving.

6. In what format will the banquet be organized? Will the guests sit down at the tables, or are you planning to hold a party in the buffet format?

7. The condition of the place. When you visit the offered wedding venue for a future event, look around and assess the level of comfort. Does the color theme of the place satisfy you? When have last repairs been made and how attractive is the overall atmosphere?

8. Facilities. Ensure that the chosen venue have enough serviceable toilets, is equipped with smoking areas, a convenient parking, working air conditioners (especially in the hot season).

Taking into account all these details, you are sure to find the perfect venue for your wedding. Do not be afraid to be too demanding and do not hesitate to clarify the points of interest with the staff. Remember one thing: this is your wedding and you’re responsible for how well it will go.