Tips for choosing a perfect wedding dress

Planning a wedding is not an easy task and saying “Yes” to the dress is an even more complicated process as you will be finding one beautiful dress after another gorgeous dress. With so many stunning options out there, you might think about what dress suits you the most. Before making a decision on that consider these tips that might help you make the

Tips For Choosing A Perfect Wedding Dress

process easier.

How to decide on a wedding dress:

1. Season

This is the number one thing to keep in mind when picking a wedding gown. If you are having a wedding in the summer, an airy lightweight dress will compliment your look and will give you a sense of pure and tender beauty.

2. Venue

If you're tying the knot at the beach, then it’s better to choose a simple dress with a minimum design rather than a heavy princess dress with a long veil.

3. Wedding style

Will it be held in the beautiful garden or in a ballroom? Is it going to be a small ceremony or a grand reception? Yes, it's your special day and you can select to wear anything you want, but we're sure you know that a ball gown hardly fits in a small reception at the restaurant.

4. Budget

Budget plays a big role when looking for a dress. A couture bridal dress with hand-embroidered Swarovski crystals will hardly be sold with a cheap price tag. But there are many other options that looks sometimes even better than the most expensive gowns.

5. Body type

It’s also important to consider your body type. There are no restrictions on what you can wear on your wedding day, but you can complement your look if you choose the dress as per your body type.

What are the most popular dress styles among brides?

1. A-line. Slim on top, fitted on the waist, and gently flaring away from the body. This style looks good on most body types.

2. Princess style. A good choice for a classic wedding reception. This silhouette has a boned bodice and a skirt supported by crinolines. If you are a petite bride, try to tailor your ball gown to fit your size.

3. Empire. Featuring a high waist, this type of dress can hide a wide waist and a heavy lower body.

4. Mermaid. If you want a gown that highlights your hourglass figure, this is the one. It’s not very comfortable to dance in this dress but you can choose a second bridal dress for a reception party.