Tips for a bride for a beach wedding

Sun, wind, sea salt... if you are planning a wedding on the beach, you will need special skin and hair care to look 100%. When preparing for a beach wedding, take into account the natural scenery in which the ceremony will take place. As well as the holiday program, you need to adjust your appearance to the natural beauty of this place.

Useful Tips For A bride For A Beach Wedding: Hairstyle, Makeup, Dress

And this means that you need to strive for naturalness as much as possible. For example, too bright makeup and a complicated hairstyle will look quite strange. We would like to share some advice with you that will save you from mistakes and allow you to be the most beautiful on your most important day.

Of course, you want your wedding hairstyle to look luxurious and last a long time. To do this, it is necessary to take into account what works on your hair and what does not. If your hair does not tolerate humidity well (and the air on the beach will definitely be humid), it is better to put them in a high hairstyle. If you want your hair to be loose— you will have to take additional measures to keep the hairstyle. To do this, you need to use styling products with strong fixation + special moisture protection products. No less important is the type of skin because its condition directly depends on how makeup will look. With oily skin, you can not do without matting powder and napkins. When dry, additional hydration will be required, otherwise she will look tired. Be sure to take into account your individual characteristics. Hairstyle/makeup may look great in a magazine, but it may not suit your skin or hair type at all.

Choose a natural hairstyle

Perfect curls, neat and tight, as well as complex, intricate hairstyles, look good if you have a winter wedding or an indoor wedding.

But for an outdoor wedding, and even more so, on the beach, you need something much more relaxed and natural.

Choosing a hairstyle for a beach wedding, first of all, decide whether you want loose or gathered hair.

If you choose collected hair, make a slightly careless bun or some other high hairstyle. But be sure to leave a few loose strands near the face. Great for a beach wedding and braided hairstyles. For example, a fish spit. Or, you can leave your hair loose by adding a little braiding at the face so that the hair does not interfere and the hairstyle keeps its shape.

A good tonal foundation is ahead for everything

It is impossible to overestimate how much your overall appearance depends on the chosen foundation. Moreover, even minor skin imperfections are noticeable under the bright sun. The foundation should be perfect for you in color and consistency. Therefore, you can not do without a trial makeup.

Decorate your hairstyle

Just because you won't have a complicated hairstyle doesn't mean it will look too simple. Accessories will help to place the right accents. Beautiful hairpins, hairpins, or fresh flowers — all this is only welcome.

Be careful with glitter

We all know how lip gloss turns out in the wind. If you don't need photos from the ceremony, where you constantly fix your hairstyle and remove your hair from your lips, it's better to give up glitter or at least find a non-sticky option.

In addition, glitter is an additional glare in photos, especially in sunny weather. Give preference to matte shades.


An insufficient amount of moisture in the body can lead to dehydration, as well as greatly worsen the condition of the skin and hair. That's why, a few weeks before the wedding, make sure you drink enough water. And use moisturizers for skin and hair.

Don't overdo it

Just as an overly elegant ball gown looks ridiculous on the beach, so too bright makeup and hairstyle are completely unsuitable for a beach wedding. Make sure your face and hair look natural and fresh.