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Tiffany blue wedding theme

To emphasize the atmosphere of the wedding in the image of the newlyweds, use 50s-style clothes and Tiffany's signature blue color. For the groom - a strict suit with a tie, neat hairstyle, cufflinks, classic shoes. For the bride, the choice of attire is not so conservative. The ideal prototype will be the heroine of the film, played by the iconic

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

actress Audrey Hepburn.

The bride, dressed in the main character Holly Golightly's image, will always look refined because such a style is primarily a standard of elegance. A simple but perfect cut is the main rule when choosing an outfit for a wedding. Another detail is conciseness; smooth fabrics and draperies are welcome. Sequins, sequins, embroidery, and another decor should be minimal.

The main emphasis in the image of Hepburn is accessories: jewelry, headdress, gloves, and glasses.

The minimalism of the wedding dress will allow you to wear any jewelry, so feel free to choose a bright necklace, massive earrings, or bracelets. Just such jewelry is worn by the heroine of the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Long satin gloves will add extra chic to the look. A short fluffy veil or a wide-brimmed hat to match the color of the outfit will perfectly emphasize the atmosphere of the late 50s. The latter can be decorated with the same flowers as the wedding bouquet or with a light veil that will replace the cover.

Hairstyle and makeup in the style of Breakfast at Tiffany's is another important detail of the bride's image. Long graphic arrows, false eyelashes, lipstick of neutral color – such makeup was fashionable at the time of the heroine Hepburn, but it is still relevant today. For a wedding hairstyle, choose a retro style: high Babette, combs, or soft curls look feminine on any length of hair. Of the ornaments on the head, a tiara can be worn with a veil or a ribbon matching the dress's color.

Dress code for guests

A Breakfast-style wedding at Tiffany's is the case when the dress code plays a vital role because observing it is a must-have for all guests. The male half needs to support the groom by wearing a classic suit with a tie, and a hat with rounded brims will help complete the image. Fashionable in the 50s, the image of the stylists will not work because it is not represented in the film, which means it will not be able to support the thematic idea of the wedding.

For ladies, the dress code is looser: a tiny black dress and a floor-length evening dress are suitable. When choosing a model, preference is given to the fashion of the 50s: straight or A-silhouette, combination dress, flared skirt. An essential condition is not to violate the color palette of the wedding. If possible, order bridesmaids' outfits in the same style (the same manner, made of the same material or with identical trim).

Wedding decoration in the style of "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

The essence of this style is a specific color palette and retro orientation (50-the 60s). Creating an interior or choosing decorations for a wedding in the kind of Breakfast at Tiffany's is not a very difficult task. The main thing is to withstand the theme, not to succumb to the temptation to dilute it with some fashionable, bright, but inappropriate details. At the same time, it is not necessary to use costly materials or finishes, but the too cheap disposable decor is also not suitable.

The color scheme of the wedding combines two directions at once: the corporate color of the Tiffany jewelry house (Tiffany Blue) and the main character's style. Hepburn preferred monochrome images (black, pink, white) in film and life or one bright color complemented by discreet shades. Therefore, for a wedding, choose the primary color (traditionally turquoise, but blue, mint, plum, coffee-chocolate, or white will do) and dilute it with 2-3 pastels and contrasting undertones.

Invitations for guests

The reflection of the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" style in invitation letters is expensive paper, shades of turquoise, cream, and chocolate, satin ribbons with bows, pearls, rhinestones, vintage font, engraving, and silver embossing. Using these details will make wedding invitations a real work of art, like Tiffany jewelry. For guests, such letters will become a memorable souvenirs.

Decoration of the banquet hall

A retro-themed restaurant is a perfect option for a Tiffany-style wedding. The critical details of the interior will be black-and-white photographs, posters, vinyl records, bookshelves, old suitcases, an old disk phone, or a typewriter. If it is impossible to reproduce the atmosphere of the 50s, choose the classic design of the banquet hall, but in compliance with the color scheme. Give up balloons in favor of fresh flowers, ribbons, draperies, and glass garlands.

Tiffany Style Wedding Cake

Mastic decor will allow you to make a cake of any design and shade. For the main wedding dessert in the style of Tiffany, order a turquoise-white cake (chocolate, blue, and pink are also suitable). Square cakes imitating the famous boxes of Tiffany jewelry houses are popular among newlyweds. If you don't want a lot of mastics, choose a traditional dessert covered with white cream and decorated with live or sugar flowers of the appropriate shade.

Wedding car

Retro cars are the best solution for a Tiffany-style wedding party. Tiffany Blue cars will perfectly emphasize the holiday atmosphere. Yellow, red, or black colors are also suitable. Remember that vintage cars don't need a lot of decors, and the heroine Audrey Hepburn always drove a regular taxi. Therefore, a motorcade of shiny monochrome cars with checkers will also perfectly support the wedding theme.

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