Things guests should never wear to a wedding

If you’ve received a wedding invitation, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear for the celebration. First, make sure your outfit doesn’t match one of the following points. So, keep in mind what not to wear to a wedding if you are a guest:

1. White clothes. On this day, only the bride has the right to put on a snow-white outfit. It is disrespectful to her if a

Things Guests Should Never Wear To A Wedding

guest wears a white suit or dress. You run the risk of being confused with the main heroine of the celebration, merging with her. As a consequence, you’ll cause a bunch of negative emotions to both yourself and the bride. All shades of white or close to it (nude, ivory, creamy, light pink) are taboo.

2. Any apparel that does not match the dress code of the event. Very often, the dress code of the event (white tie, black tie, etc.) is indicated in the wedding invitation. Anything that goes beyond the specified cannot be worn.

3. Casual sports items or outfits. No jeans, sweatpants, or T-shirts unless it is a themed wedding where such a dress code is required. Sportswear or too casual clothes will look out of place as if you were careless about your wedding invitation.

4. Flashy, vulgar, too lush, or translucent garments. You should not draw attention to yourself with a too deep neckline or a naked belly, as well as transparent fabrics without lining and outrageous patterns. Despite the solemnity, this is a serious event in the life of people. No one will be pleased to review wedding photographs, on which a person with a too flashy outfit will be the center of attention.

5. Total black. Black is not completely banned. But you should know how to put it correctly and avoid looking mournful. Black is elegant; it is enough to add bright accessories, shoes, a bag, or jewelry to make your outfit truly solemn. Wearing any other dark shade, such as deep blue or purple is another alternative.

6. Cramped and uncomfortable clothes. A tight dress or, conversely, a garment that slips all the time will cause a lot of trouble. You’ll feel discomfort or be constantly distracted by the outfit. Let yourself enjoy your holiday freely! Put on the apparel that won’t make you feel stressed throughout the event.

Picking a suitable outfit for a wedding is not an easy task. Think in advance about what to wear to look beautiful, comfortable, and harmonious. Analyze where the event will be held. This will help you choose the right length, color, and decorations. We do share a lot of ideas in the wedding blog.