Things to Know if You’re Having a Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are always sunny, romantic, and accompanied with a positive mood. After all, spring is a symbol of the beginning of a new life both in nature and in relationships. There is a belief that a spring sun will accompany the newlyweds, having united their fates in this period, for the whole family life.

Awesome Spring Wedding Ideas

Against the background of the undeniable advantages of holding the wedding in spring, there are disadvantages that must be taken into account when choosing a celebration date. These include:

1. The vagaries and changes of the weather such as slush, wind, rain, wet snow, because of which a bride’s outfit can get wet, hair will go untidy, an outdoor photo shoot will become more complicated. For this reason, try to foresee this point and choose a suitable dress, shoes, additional clothing.

2. Lent, during which it is impossible to conduct a wedding ceremony, falls on this season.

3. Some guests may be on a fast. Therefore, you should keep in mind it when making a menu.

4. Lack of fresh vegetables and fruits affects the cost of the menu.

If you coped with these 4 points and managed to find the right date, then you can be sure that you won’t have problems with a queue in the registry office, hiring specialists and concomitant wedding stir. In any case, keep in mind the following points that help make celebration cozy and lively:

1. If you want to add lively spring colors to the wedding ceremony and make celebration warm, joyful, and romantic, get away from cold winter shades and prefer such colors as lilac, romantic pink, juicy green, sunny yellow, baby blue. Such shades will emphasize the beauty of the chosen season.

2. When choosing flowers for decorating a spring wedding, it is worth paying attention to seasonal ones. Depending on the spring period, tender tulips and daffodils, fragile lilies of the valley and snowdrops, luxurious peonies, as well as mimosa, crocuses, hyacinths, lilacs, irises may be suitable. In addition, any natural elements can be used for wedding decor: sprigs of blooming cherries, apricots, young grass, moss. Such floral arrangements can be accompanied with various ribbons, beads, and decorative figures.

3. In early spring, it is better to prefer a closed venue for celebrations, and in late spring, closer to summer, renting a cafe or restaurant with a veranda, as well as a country house with an outdoor area, can be a good option.

4. If the wedding is scheduled for late spring, and you are sure that the weather will be dry and sunny, then you can arrange an outside registration. There, freshness, smells of flowers, birds singing, and the unique beauty of nature will add the necessary atmosphere to the event.