Things to do week before wedding timeline

A wedding is an important but very nervous day. Newlyweds have prepared for this day for several months; but as closer it comes, more nervous partners become. When experiencing stress, it is easy to forget to do something.

Thus, we provide you with a week-before wedding timeline. Check whether you have done the following points and schedule the last week before the celebration correctly.

7 days before the wedding:

- Start wearing in your wedding shoes. Put them on and walk in your flat. You should do it every day up to the wedding.

- Make eyebrow correction in advance to make sure that skin redness will have enough time to disappear.

- Pack small gifts for bridesmaids.

- Call all the staff that is engaged in arranging your wedding, including a toastmaster, cooks, a florist, a photographer, etc. Make sure that they are ready.

6 days before the wedding:

- Pack your suitcase for a honeymoon. No, it’s not too early. Make sure all documents and passports are ready. Also, be sure to find and ask someone to take your bags to a hotel, where you will spend the night after the wedding.

5 days before the wedding:

- Avoid salty foods and junk food. Otherwise, you risk not fitting into the dress that you tried on a month ago. Now is not the time for an express diet. Moreover, a bride should look stunning, healthy food will help make skin silky and soft, and you’ll shine with your beauty.

4 days before the wedding:

- Prepare your wedding dress and put jewelry, underwear, stockings, etc. in a specific place. This will guarantee that you don’t have to look for anything on your wedding day.

3 days before the wedding:

- Meet your friends and a bridesmaid. Spend a pleasant evening with them. This will help forget about nerves and stress. Recall some funny moments from your life, smile, and laugh. It is an excellent psychological relief.

2 days before the wedding:

- Think over and make your emergency kit, in which you should put all the necessary things you may need. For example, an adhesive plaster, a mirror, threads and needles, a comb, an umbrella, pins, etc.

1 day before your wedding:

- Devote this day to yourself. Make a manicure, pedicure, and relaxing massages. But remember, that it is not advisable to do peelings right before the wedding day. Your skin can be still red.

- Visit your florist and take the bouquet and the boutonniere.

- Also, try to have a good sleep. you should be gorgeous, and sleep is the guarantee of your well-being.