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The first things you should do on your wedding day

Imagine that your wedding day has already come. You open your eyes early in the morning and realize that today, it’s time to shine and change your status. What should you do first? Let’s consider this point in this article.

Bride Getting Ready For A Wedding

1. Take a shower. Do not hurry and take a shower before your hairdresser and makeup artist are still on the way. Here, it is important to remember one thing: do not make masks on face. Otherwise, makeup can roll and lie unevenly. It is advisable to make a mask a few days before the celebration. What concerns your wedding morning, just take a shower to shake up. 2. Have a breakfast. Do not forget to eat before your makeup artist and hairdresser come. If your makeup is done, it will be problematic to eat something, as you’ll be able to easily spoil your makeup. And it will be stupid to wait till the banquet. A bride should have enough energy to feel cheerful for the whole day. When taking into account that she’s nervous, and her body consumes more energy, a substantial breakfast is an obligatory requirement. 3. Make a hairstyle and makeup. While specialists are busy with your hair and face, call your wedding coordinator and ask whether everything goes according to a plan. It is an important step to make sure that there is no reason to feel nervous about it. 4. Call your bridesmaid. This is the person who should be next to you almost the whole day. When calling, ask when she comes. She will help you get prepared for meeting a groom and gathering all the things necessary for the ceremony. 5. Call you groom. Check whether your groom is ready. Recall about rings and a bride’s bouquet. Men tend to forget something. Thus, remind about it but do not be too persistent. Just call to say “Good morning!” and raise his mood. 6. Check your wedding emergency kit. You should gather this kit in advance. Usually, it consists of the most necessary items that may be necessary during the day. Obligatory items include hairpins, adhesive plaster, lipstick, wet and dry wipes, a hairbrush, thread, and a needle. 7. Read through your wedding vow. If you give vows to each other according to the scenario of the ceremony, do not forget to read it aloud. Even if you do not learn it by heart, still, you should read it expressively. Do not neglect this point, as when all guests stare at you, your voice will tremble, and you’ll feel excited. Thus, reading the vow one more time will never be redundant. 8. Breathe out and do not panic. This is your wedding day, and it will never happen once again. Thus, try to enjoy it and keep it in your memory.

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