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Things for couples to do in Dubai

Are you planning to visit Dubai with your sweetheart? This city opens a wide range of opportunities to spend a weekend or several days with pleasure and joy. It is full of entertainment. Couples can find an activity for any taste. No matter who you are, you’ll enjoy your trip to Dubai. Let’s see what couples can do there.

Desert Romantic Couple Photoshoot Al Qudra Dubai

1. Rally in the desert. Everyone knows that the UAE is surrounded by the desert. This is an excellent plus for them and city visitors. Are you extreme lovers? Do you like driving? The desert is the best place where you can have a rally and experience the most drive and excitement. Just rent an ATV and go on to experience the full power of the mechanical animal.

2. Air balloon flight. One more opportunity that the desert opens is the possibility to land a big air balloon. If you’re an adventure lover or a romantic person, have a flight on the air balloon. This flight will allow you to see the city and surrounding landscapes from the bird’s eye. An endless ocean and a sandy desert, magnificent skyscrapers, and beautiful nature will be opened to your eyes.

3. A romantic dinner on a yacht. One more advantage of the city is its coastal location. Dubai has access to the sea. Thus, you can discover not only the desert but also the sea. Have a romantic dinner on the board of the yacht. You will be able to stay alone and enjoy each other’s company. While having dinner, you can admire breathtaking views of the sunset and rays reflecting on the water.

4. Visit “The Lost Chambers”. This is a large aquarium. Its glass tunnels are located deep in water. When strolling through its tunnels, you will be able to discover marine life and see how the inhabitants of the ocean swim just next to you. This occupation is the perfect time to spend for curious personalities and nature lovers.

5. Taking a photoshoot in Miracle Garden. This is one of the most picturesque parks in Dubai. Thousands of flower kinds are gathered there. Alleys are framed with floral arrangements. Each corner of this park is the perfect place for making an unforgettable awesome photo. Here, you can rest after having some active entertainment program. Breathe in a tasty smell of flowers, have some rest when sitting on a bench under a floral arch… It seems that you find yourself in the land of flowers. This place is truly magical.

If you doubt whether it is worth going to Dubai, do not hesitate and take two tickets. You’ll never regret the time spent there. You’ll keep lots of enjoyable memories.

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