The ultimate groom to-do list

From the moment a man proposes to his beloved, he receives the status of the groom, and with it, a number of difficult but very pleasant responsibilities for preparing for the wedding. So, what is the distribution of duties between the bride and groom, and what is important to take care of in advance so that your celebration is flawless?

Groom Duties: The Ultimate Groom To-Do List

3-6 months before the wedding:

  1. Meet with the parents of both parties, introduce them if not already done, and discuss the wedding budget and style of the wedding.

  2. Together with the bride, choose a venue for the celebration (cafe, restaurant) and book it. This must be done immediately as the selected banquet hall may be occupied.

  3. Both sweethearts will choose the registry office in which the marriage will be registered.

3 months before the wedding

  1. Submit an application to the registry office.

  2. Work with family members on both sides to write a preliminary guest list.

2.5 months before the wedding

  1. Choose and buy a suit and pick up accessories for it. The bride will help you with this.

  2. If you are planning a honeymoon trip, it’s time to take care of the tickets. Visit travel agencies and choose a tour, taking into account mutual wishes.

2 months before the wedding

  1. Compile the final guest list.

  2. Pick the best man. The duties of the best man include not only helping with organizational troubles but also organizing a bachelor party.

  3. Select wedding rings and choose an inscription on them.

  4. Find flats for accommodating guests from other cities or countries. The groom should rent enough apartments for all guests and make sure that they feel comfortable getting to the registry office and banquet hall.

  5. Wedding procession. The groom’s responsibilities include organizing the wedding procession. The choice of cars for the motorcade, their decoration, route coordination, and the organization of transport for guests.

1 month before the wedding

  1. It’s time to buy wedding gifts for the bride.

  2. The wedding rings should already be ready, check if the size is correct and how the inscription or engraving is done.

2 weeks before the wedding

  1. Meet with the toastmaster, wedding celebrant, and emcee specify the sequence of your actions according to the wedding scenario.

  2. The duty of the groom at the wedding includes making a toast in honor of the bride’s family. Come up with it.

  3. Check if everything is good with your suit and if all the accessories are ready.

  4. Decide who will be able to deliver the wedding gifts from the banquet home, and arrange with the person in advance.

  5. Visit a hairdresser.

1 day before the wedding

  1. Give your sweetheart a little romantic gift or surprise.