The right hairstyle for your gown

A bride’s image is one of the most important parts of the preparatory wedding process. Most frequently, a bride buys a wedding dress first, and then, chooses a hairstyle to her outfit. In this article, we’ll tell how to choose the most suitable hairstyle.

The Right Hairstyle For Your Gown

A satin and silk wedding gown is perfectly matched with elegant hairstyles and gathered hair. For example, a voluminous bun. Wedding dresses with lace inserts and decorative elements look stunningly with all sorts of curls. You can either leave loose hair or gather them; in any case, curls and lace and best friends for a bride. Wedding gowns of chiffon and tulle look airy and light. Thus, brides, who choose such dresses, should give preferences to voluminous airy hairstyles with curls. If you choose a wedding dress with a fluffy skirt, it is advisable to prefer voluminous hairstyles with curls and massive accessories. Thus, you’ll visually balance your image. Otherwise, if you gather hair, your head will look disproportionally small in comparison with a lush dress. Short dresses require simple hairstyles without too many curls or complex details. Do not overload your outfit with a too massive hairstyle. It is recommended to combine “mermaid” wedding dresses with curls styled to one side or an “untidy” bun. “Greek” style dresses exclude a wedding veil from your image. It is a bad taste to put on a “Greek” gown and a veil. Usually, brides, who choose such dresses, prefer different types of braids with diadems or other accessories. If you choose a wedding gown with open shoulders, give preference to gathered hairstyles. Otherwise, your long loose hair will hide the beauty of your shoulders, while they serve as the main accent of your wedding outfit. Dresses without neckline (with a closed one) are compared with only gathered hair. All sorts of buns are suitable. If you choose other options, you’ll visually shorten your neck. Wedding gowns with an open back look gorgeous with curled loose hair if a bride has hair of middle length. Dresses with V-neckline fit girls with either loose or gathered hair. Here, the question is the type of your face and appearance. Find which option suits you the most. Remember that loose hairstyles look more romantic and airier. They create the impression of a pretty doll. While gathered hairstyles (such as buns) look more elegant and sophisticated. One more point is that braids look more advantageous on blonde-haired brides, while dark hair does not reflect the whole beauty of the hairstyle. However, all sorts of accessories (wreaths, flowers, berries, diadems, etc.) look more vivid on dark hair.