The most interesting museums in Dubai

Dubai’s museums reflect the rich Arab heritage and authentic culture inherited from the moment of its development. The below-mentioned museums are the best way to show visitors the original appearance of Dubai.

1. Dubai Museum. A visit to this museum will take you 3,000 years ago and tell you the story of a small fishing village,

The Most Interesting Museums In Dubai

where a future megapolis was born. The rustic building is divided into themed zones such as coastal, desert, and mountainous, displaying rare drawings of 17th-century architecture. The museum presents ancient history in the form of a rich 3D visual journey.

2. Etihad Museum. The Etihad Museum chronicles the history of how the political foundations of the UAE were laid by its seven Founding Fathers. The huge halls of this museum showcase historical milestones such as the discovery of oil, the discovery of trade, the personal belongings of ruling families through photographs and 3D films. The museum has a library, theater, and recreational space for interactive activities.

3. House of Sheikh Said Al Maktoum. Built in 1896, the home of the former ruler Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum became a museum in the 1970s. With artifacts depicting the life of the royal family, visitors can see glimpses of Dubai’s evolution at this popular museum. It contains a huge collection of stamps, coins, jewelry, photographs, and documents. The architecture of the building is strikingly simple but majestic, like the life of its former Royal inhabitants.

4. Coffee Museum. Coffee has long symbolized friendship and hospitality in the UAE, and this Museum is the only museum in the Middle East, which is dedicated to coffee. It showcases a huge variety of coffees from around the world and their preparation processes. Other exhibits include a human-sized meat grinder belonging to an 18th-century British monarch, more than 600-year-old braziers and grinders, and ancient cups and pots. There is a library, a coffee shop selling hundreds of original beans, and a gift shop selling coffee jewelry.

5. Museum of illusions. Be sure to have the most immersive mind-blowing experience that will challenge all your senses at this museum. Illusions created using scientific methods fall into three categories – workshops, grandiose, and optical illusions. These include turntables, revolving rooms, holograms, stereograms, chair illusions, vortex tunnels, anti-gravity rooms, cloned tables, etc. The museum’s gift shop sells 3D dilemma games, fireballs, and souvenirs.

These museums will make your stay in Dubai interesting and useful for your outlook.