The latest wedding photography trends

Preferences continuously change. Nothing stands still. Trends come and disappear. Thus, let’s see what is in great demand in the sphere of wedding photography nowadays.

The Latest Wedding Photography Trends That Will Rule 2022

1. Shooting at dusk or dawn

The most beautiful photographs are taken in morning or evening light. This is because the sun is low, and photos look more natural. This year, couples are increasingly choosing this format for wedding photography.

Properly chosen locations will help make such photos more unique and interesting. For example, a romantic picnic near a lake at dawn will look awesome. Or a portrait shooting in an autumn meadow in the rays of the setting sun.

2. Portrait of the bride

The following trends are distinguished:

- Back photo. For a long time, this option was undeservedly rejected. It was believed that the portrait must have a face. But in 2022, the photo of the bride from the back is a trend. Such photos always look spectacular, and if a newlywed has an open-back dress, then a charming picture is guaranteed;

- Full height. For such photographs, it is important to choose a suitable background that can emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the bride;

- Shooting from above is another trend of 2022. The bride’s face will look more feminine from this angle.

3. Friends in the frame

A separate series of pictures with friends is another feature. If the photos of the newlyweds are often saturated with romance and love, then the photographs of friends will give the wedding album a touch of unrestrained fun.

Reportage photography is good for this kind of shooting. T photographer will only set the tone and direction of the picture, and the emotions will already be real.

4. Back to the past

This option will look cute, which is why the newlyweds fell in love with it. Its essence is quite simple: newlyweds are holding wedding photos of their parents in their hands.

5. Family photo portraits

Here’s another trend for 2021. This option has been abundant for a couple of years. Indeed, in 20-30 years, it will be interesting to look at such a picture and recall guests as they were. Moreover, usually, wedding photo sessions do not capture all the invitees.

6. Photographic film

Here’s another trend from the past. Digital images are not always able to convey the full depth of colors and shades. Plus, film photos cannot be processed, which makes them more vivid and natural.

7. Photos with animals

Pets are considered family members in many families. So, more and more couples take photos with their favorite pets.