Saving tips for your dream wedding

A wedding celebration is a glorious event full of sweet moments, joy, and pleasure. Still, preparations for this feast are sapping: they drain energy from your body and money – from your pocket. The latter is of special concern because when you go for planning your wedding, unexpected expenses start pouring in from all sides. Here are some proven ways on how to save money on your wedding celebration without sacrificing its quality.

Beach Wedding Ceremony

Know your top priorities. You should start your wedding planning process as early as possible and determine what you expect from the party. Do you want to strike your guests with a stunning catered dinner or you place a premium on the wedding design? Will it be a low-key indoor wedding or a grand outdoor affair with lots of activities and entertainment? Set your wedding priorities and make sure to allocate enough budget on things you value most for your big day.

Refrain from celebrating at home. On a surface, a home backyard celebration seems a nice wedding budgeting idea unless you know a bulk of hidden pitfalls. Off-premise wedding events are never budget-friendly but may end up costing more rather than a party held in a venue. Absence of a professional kitchen, lack of sitting furniture, insufficient dishes, lots of cleanup and setup tasks, inadequate parking, and an inevitable necessity to arrange portable toilets are a handful of the costly nightmares associated with a home wedding reception.

Rethink your guest list. Your wedding expenditures will soar with every new name in your guest list. If you narrow the list of your attendants to family members and close friends, you could then have a wedding reception with a cheaper menu, while the saved money could be put towards some cool perks like a live band, a posh fireworks display or lovely keepsakes for your invitees.

Never leave it too late. Start organizing your wedding party 3-5 months before the date, so deadlines will not cost you a fortune. Venue owners, transportation companies, floral artists, and wedding tailors always set deadlines, during which you can place orders and make changes/cancellations without being charged. Holding back on reservations and arrangements could end up with rush fees and badly affect your designated wedding budget.

Make it on a weekday or off-season. Most couples throw weddings on weekends, which is a costly mistake because venues increase their tariffs during Saturday and Sundays when people do not work but want to waste the earned money. However, many restaurants and hotels offer lucrative discounts for weekday and off season weddings when their attendance is falling off. Leverage this wedding hack and get hitched on Thursday, or pick an unpopular date to celebrate in style but pay much less. But the proven way to arrange a dream wedding and stay cost-wise is leaving it to professionals. Our dedicated event agency in Dubai is interested in your happiness, and we are ready to elaborate on the best wedding day strategy that will be delightful yet within your budget, no matter how tight it is.