The best indoor activities to try in Dubai

The city is ready to satisfy the demands of all its visitors. It offers a great variety of activities to any taste. Below, we list the most popular ones.

1. Squash is one of the indoor game sports using two rackets and a rubber hollow ball. According to some sports

The Best Indoor Activities To Try In Dubai

experts, squash is a mini version of tennis or badminton. In addition to similar equipment, from 2 (1 on 1) to 4 (2 on 2) players can also take part in squash.

2. Quests are a type of game in which you need to solve a chain of logic puzzles to complete. Logic puzzles can be of varying degrees of difficulty. The storyline can have a certain ending or several different outcomes, depending on the player’s actions.

3. iFly. Wear a special suit and jump in an air tube! You’ll remember this experience forever!

4. La Perl Dubai. Visit this spectacular theater show. This is one of the best performances in the city, which is known worldwide. It impresses with its scenario, level of performance, and beauty.

5. Museum of illusion. Visit this place obligatorily. On the area of 450 square meters, over 80 exhibits are placed, which are a wide variety of optical, and sensory holograms, installations, and separate rooms designed to excite the imagination of visitors and confuse them.

6. Floristry is the type of art, which practices the creation of arrangements and collages from various natural materials – leaves, herbs, berries, flowers, and even fruits. This activity will help you relax and distract from routine matters. You’ll spend several hours creating beauty and admiring the connection with nature.

7. Dancing. The city is a treasury of professional dancers. Many of them arrange workshops. In the city, you’ll find classes of all possible kinds of dances. These include both classic (tango, salsa, rumba) and modern (hip-hop, exotic pole dance, contemporary, twerk) ones. If you’re a dance-lover, your soul will be satisfied here.

8. Cooking. People who like cooking or want to improve their cuisine skills can attend cooking workshops, where skilled chefs will reveal secrets of cooking delicious dishes like in restaurants and show you how to prepare certain meals.

9. Singing. The city offers a great number of singing classes. If you sing in your country of residence or want to try something new, here, you’ll find true professionals. Professional singers will give you workshops and advice on how to achieve better results in your hobby.

10. Painting. Creating masterpieces under the guidance of a skilled painter will help you show the inner world and get rid of all sorts of nervous experiences. You’ll be left alone with yourself and can explore your nature even deeper.