The best engagement ring trends of 2020

When it’s time to select an engagement ring, it’s a difficult task for every bride. Everyone wants to have a unique ring with a creative design. As you visit a jewelry store, you face the embarrassment of riches. The jewelry industry is ready to offer various options to any taste and budget. Let’s consider what the main trends of engagement rings for 2020 are.

Engagement Ring Trends

1. Yellow gold. Although a shift to yellow-white or white gold has been observed over past years, jewelry designers predict coming to roots. They say that the popularity of two-colored rings or other unusual options (pink, white gold) has ceased. Now, brides tend to give their preferences to traditional options. This year, yellow gold is going to win back its leading positions.

2. Uniqueness is the keyword that perfectly characterizes future brides. Although they prefer classic yellow gold, they will break traditions, try to find a unique ring, and develop their creativity. And it will be reflected in the shape of engagement rings, chosen stones, and their shapes and colors.

Thus, for instance, various rhinestones (including colorful ones) replace classic diamonds; black diamonds or emeralds will take the leading positions. Rings of creative shapes (such as open rings) will also be on top.

3. Multiple stones. When trying to develop something special and unique, jewelry designers create engagement rings with five or three stones. Stones can be of different sizes and shapes combined in various compositions.

Many brides want a ring with several rhinestones, which is an excellent alternative for them. This tendency is due to the Meghan Markle engagement ring that became popular among brides.

4. Asscher Cut Diamonds turn out to be the main hit of this year. Many brides with long fingers prefer vintage-style wedding accessories.

5. Alternative stone shapes. Creativity is excellent in all its versions. Framed standard diamonds do not impress anymore. Square or oval diamonds seem to be commonplace. More frequently, brides choose rings with unframed options or unusual shapes.

As you see, the main desire of all brides is to have a unique ring. Thus, they frequently tend to bespeak their rings and develop creative ideas. All the above trends will help highlight your original personality and design a pretty ring.