The 2020 wedding flower trends: impeccable colors

It is impossible to imagine a wedding without flowers. These are some of the most popular and widely used decorative elements. Flowers are associated with tenderness, care, love, and delicate feelings. In addition to their beauty and flavor, flowers create an appropriate atmosphere and please the eyes of all guests. In this article, let’s see what flowers are trendy in 2020.

The 2020 Wedding Flower Trends

1. Peonies. These flowers are considered the most delicate and romantic. The delicate color of peonies resembles a blooming garden. It seems that these flowers were specially created for weddings. Brides frequently choose these flowers for their bouquets. Tables for guests and newlyweds can be decorated with peonies so that they give aroma and delight the eyes of invitees. They can be used to decorate a registration arch.

2. Roses. This is the second most popular group of wedding flowers. Roses are traditionally used at the majority of weddings. Roses demonstrate the love and devotion of newlyweds. But everyone knows that roses have spikes. So, these are flowers with temperament. Thus, they demonstrate that future family life will comprise not only honey but also a bit of tar.

Roses are widely used for the decoration of tables, registration arches, and bouquets. Rose petals are traditionally used to strew them along the path of newlyweds to the altar.

3. Wildflowers. Currently, eco and Rustic weddings have gained popularity. Couples turn to more natural celebrations under a tent or in a cottage. In this case, wildflowers become quite popular. They do not look too festive and are perfect for the style of a celebration. You can put such flowers in a vase and place them in the corners of a venue. A great number of brides love chamomiles and make wedding bouquets from this flower. Moreover, frequently, brides prefer wreaths instead of veils for Rustic weddings. This accessory is perfect for this style. Thus, wildflowers can be used for a wedding wreath.

4. Amaryllis. These are popular flowers for winter weddings. They are resistant to cold and can be perfectly used for a bridal bouquet. In addition, they are used for decorative floral compositions. For example, you can put them in a vase near a wedding arch. Although the above-mentioned flowers are considered to be trendy this year, still, you can choose your favorite flowers, make a mix of several flowers and create your own floral compositions. If you want to develop your creativity, it is better to cooperate with a skilled florist.