Swimwear that suits your body type

To have a good time on the beach, a woman should feel one hundred percent confident in your attractiveness. To achieve this goal, it is important to choose the right swimwear as it plays a crucial role in creating your perfect beach outfit.

Swimwear That Suits Your Body Type

1. “Hourglass” Body Type. Women who have this body build are lucky; they won’t have difficulties with choosing the right swimwear. In their case, they can choose either split or one-piece swimwear. The only thing they should draw attention to is their individual features. Keep in mind your color type, skin tone, eyes and hair color, as well as height when choosing the right swimwear. 2. “Pear” or “Triangle”. For those women who have “Pear” body type, the perfect swimwear should visually narrow their hips and make an accent on their upper body. Thus, you’ll visually balance your disproportion and create the illusion of “hourglass” figure. This effect can be achieved by: - Giving preference to tops that are tied around a woman’s neck or a strapless bodice; - Matching a monochromatic and dark swimming trunks without ties on sides with a bright top; - Choosing swimwear that has vertically directed stripes on the lower part of the clothes and a more vivid pattern on the top. For women of this build type who have extra pounds, it is better to choose one-piece bathing suit that will hide their abdomens. 3. “Inverted Triangle” Body Type. The situation is exactly the opposite for women who have this type of build. They should visually make an accent on the hips and avoid too bright tops. 4. “Rectangle”. An insufficiently marked waist is the main peculiarity of this body type. In such cases, a girl should resort to a few simple tricks to visually adjust barely noticeable waist curves: - Adding volume to both women’s bust and hips with the help of various decorative techniques (patterns, ruffles, draperies); - Making an accent on the waist with bright or eye-catching patterns or shades, which create the illusion of a belt; - Choosing swimwear with wedge-shaped side inserts, which visually narrows the abdomen. Fashionistas with such a build will look pretty in “monokini” swimwear, while such models as “bandeau” and “tankini” are not the best options for them. 5. “Apple” Body Type. This build is characterized by the lack of visually noticeable curves. It means that a woman has a wide waist while her shoulders and hips are rather narrow. As a result, it is difficult to observe seductive curves of a woman body. For them, a “tankini” model is the best option. This type of bathing suits will hide your abdomen, make an accent on your chest, and make your legs longer.