Don’t make these mistakes at your summer wedding

Summer is the most popular season for throwing weddings. Summer is full of sunshine and warmth, which makes it possible to hold weddings outside in fine weather. Many affianced couples decide to get hitched exactly during summer because of obvious reasons:

- Prolonged daylight hours, warmth, and sunshine;

- A possibility to arrange an outdoor celebration;

- Availability of fresh local fruits, vegetables, and flowers;

- Easiness to find suitable wedding attire because most wedding dresses are designed for indoor ceremonies.

Summer Wedding Mistakes

Despite numerous advantages of a summer wedding, there are several pitfalls you should be aware of when planning your nuptials in this period of a year. Typical mistakes most brides make when planning the wedding in summer:

1. Blind reliance on weather. Soft sun rays a gentle breeze, a cloudless sky, and a long warm evening – this is the idyllic variant of a summer wedding. Unfortunately, the weather often springs undesired surprises. You should have a backup plan in case of rain, extreme heat, or unexpected cold snap. Make sure to prepare enough soft drinks for guests (it is better to refuse strong alcohol), consider arranging a lounge zone in the shade; inquire about properly working air conditioners in the venue you book for the celebration. In the worst (bad weather) scenario, prepare warm blankets for guests; heaters may also come in handy.

2. Not providing Save the Date cards. Summer is the prime season not only for weddings but for vacations, which are generally planned several months in advance. Do not put your guests in an awkward position by inviting them to your summer wedding at the last moment – they may already have planned completely different activities for that day, such as going to another country for holidays. Let your invitees know about your party several months before the actual celebration and give them save the date cards so that your guests will have enough time to tweak their summer plans.

3. Forgetting about repellents . Mosquitoes and other annoying insects can ruin even the most beautifully organized and smoothly going wedding party in summer. If you are planning a wedding in the open air, arrange for insect repellents.

4. Overloading the menu. Try not to overload the festive menu with heavy food and include more vegetables and fruits to it. Treat your guests with light and fresh snacks, cold lemonades, berries, and ice cream instead of sweets. Bear in mind that creamy desserts may quickly spoil at a hot temperature or lose their attractive appearance at the heat.

5. Choosing a heavy, puffy wedding dress with a corset. No to corsets, heavy and stuffy outfits. Do not opt for a wedding dress made of heavy satin, brocade, and other dense and hard materials. Chiffon, crepe de chine, silk, weightless tulle – these are the reasonable choice of a summer bride. Put aside the idea of a gala dress with a corset. Do not worry that your bust or waist will not be properly accentuated – light flowing fabrics will effectively create a sophisticated image much better than a tight corset. Think about how difficult it will be for you to sit, dance, and even breathe when you are corseted, and it is pretty hot and stuffy out there.