Summer wedding color ideas

A hot summer season in on the threshold. It’s high time to design your future celebration. If you plan to arrange a wedding in summer, look through the following color palette ideas you’ll definitely love. They will win all guests’ hearts.

Summer Wedding Color Ideas

1. Peach shades. Summer is the time when everything blooms around. Greenery is everywhere. Delicate pink and peach shades will perfectly match your wedding theme if you arrange an outdoor celebration. A white-peach-pink palette will be perfect for the event celebrated in a country house or under a tent. Moreover, if the location is surrounded by trees, bushes, and other greenery, even do not hesitate.

2. White & Violet colors. If your wedding is scheduled for July, an attempt to cool down the interior will be an excellent idea. The objective can be achieved due to the use of particular shades. In this case, you should give preference to cold shades of the wedding color palette. The combination of white and violet is one of the best options. White is a neutral color. However, when matching these two shades, they complement each other and seem visually colder. In addition, violet is well-matched with green. For example, you can decorate tables with violet natural flowers. Or use these colors for a wedding cake.

3. Nude fabric matched with seasonal natural flowers. Using the color palette of seasonal flowers is an excellent idea. Nature creates perfect combinations. Thus, be sure that your celebration will be perfectly styled. Just pay attention to the flowers that bloom in your month. Choose them for decoration adding matching fabrics to a general wedding design.

4. Turquoise. This shade provides the same effect as violet. It also looks very cold. If you have an indoor venue, you can choose this color and match it with white. Add natural flowers, flower arches with falling fabrics, and you’ll get the perfect summer interior.

5. Blue. If you have a rustic wedding theme, you can give preference to a blue shade. Cornflowers with greenery will become the main decorative elements. Put vases with cornflowers and spikelets on tables. Add linen and cotton fabrics. Make up the wedding design with brown wooden attributes. This is the best design for a rustic summer wedding interior.

If you’re now sure that you choose matching colors, use the color wheel or turn to the advice of specialists. You can also look through thousands of wedding color theme photos on the Internet. There, you’ll definitely find a suitable option.