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The most stylish mother of the bride dresses

What can be more important for a mother than the wedding of a child? It is better to prepare for this exciting event in advance. After all, there are no trifles; everything matters in this question.

The Most Stylish Mother Of The Bride Dresses

The mother of the bride at the wedding is a mistress; therefore, her dress should be perfect. She is always in the spotlight: she invites and meets guests; everyone is surrounded by her care; no one is left without attention and communication. Everyone looks at this woman and judges the family in which a bride grew up.

The mother's outfit should be elegant, and beautiful, but not brighter and better than that of the bride. It is important to choose a solemn, but not flashy dress. It is better if its color will be similar to the daughter’s wedding dress. Let’s consider the most popular and stylish options:

1. A Greek-style dress – dresses with an overstated waist. This is an excellent option for women who have extra kilos. A high waist emphasizes a lush chest, and a wide skirt hides hips. Moreover, such dresses do not hinder movements. Such outfits look very sophisticated and solemn.

2. A wraparound dress. This is one more elegant option for plump women. Such dresses hide extra kilos and demonstrate the beauty of a woman’s body.

3. An Empire-style dress. This evening attire is designed for special occasions. A model range is truly huge: you can choose a dress of different lengths, with or without sleeves, with a loose or fitted skirt. The only feature is in common: a tight-fitting top emphasizes the chest. Such dresses always look elegant and stylish.

4. A “Mermaid” dress. This garment makes your outfit feminine, mysterious and attractive. A skirt that fits the hips and widens from the knees makes a figure stunning and appealing. This model of dress is advisable for slender women.

5. A “Tulip” dress. This style of attire is suitable for ladies with small narrow hips. Folds on the waist visually make the lower part of the body larger. It is necessary to choose delicate fabrics. The length of such dresses is usually right to the knees. Women will look sophisticated and graceful in such a garment.

It is important to note that petite women, as well as tall ones, should not choose maxi dresses. You also have to take into account the format of the celebration. If the holiday is celebrated in a small company at home, then too glamorous outfits will look inappropriate and ridiculous. Casual dress suits more to this occasion more. And if the wedding takes place in a restaurant, on a boat, then the dress should be solemn.

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