Most stunning celebrity engagement rings

In this article, we’ve made a list of the most stunning engagement rings that were presented to celebrities. Let’s see how famous people express their feelings.

Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings

1. Beyonce. The singer is considered the owner of the most expensive engagement ring among celebrities. Her 18-carat platinum diamond ring by Lorraine Schwartz cost more than $ 5,000,000. It is rather dangerous to wear such an expensive ring, so Jay-Z ordered a copy so that Beyonce can put it at her concerts.

2. Kim Kardashian. Absolutely all of Kim’s engagement rings are indecently expensive. And she had several wedding rings. Only Kani presented two items. The first ring was made by jewelers Lorraine Schwartz. Kani proposed the dive with this ring. A couple of years later, he came to the conclusion that a 15-carat diamond is too small for his wife, and replaced the ring with a 20-carat rhinestone.

3. Jennifer Lopez. This hot chick has had a lot of grooms. One of them was Ben Affleck. He presented a 6.1-carat pink engagement ring by Harry Winston in November 2002. By the way, pink diamonds are Jennifer's favorite rhinestones.

In 2004, Jay Lo received a marriage proposal from Mark Anthony. He proposed with an 8.5-carat blue diamond ring.

After divorces, the singer sold rings at auctions and gave money for charity.

4. Serena Williams. A famous tennis player got engaged to businessman Alex Ohayan at the end of 2016. The man ordered a customized ring with three diamonds for his lover. The experts estimated the weight of the central rhinestone at 10-12 carats, and the cost of the entire ring is about $ 2,000,000.

5. Ciara. Professional American football player Russell Wilson expressed the depth of his feelings to Ciara by presenting a 16-carat diamond princess cut ring.

6. Emili Ratajkowski. Emily married actor and producer Sebastian Beer-McClard after a few weeks of their relationship. The model said that Sebastian proposed her without a traditional engagement item. The flaw was eliminated and now, on Emili’s ring finger, there is a ring with two diamonds of different shapes (a pear and a princess) with a total weight of about 5 carats. She created the design of the ring herself.

7. Hailey Baldwin. In early July 2018, Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin announced their engagement. Young people literally do not part each other, and on Haley’s ring finger, a ring with an oval diamond sparkles.

8. Cardi B. A month after a secret wedding (as it turned out), Offset made a proposal to Cardi right at the concert. Her engagement ring comprises an 8-carat diamond of a “raindrop” shape, which is framed with pink and white diamonds of 2 and 2.5 carats, respectively.