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Spring wedding theme ideas

If you are planning a wedding in the spring, then you can choose many ideas that can be implemented in your event. From spring colors to venue spaces and favors for guests, there are many inspirational things. That’s why it's no wonder why spring is a popular season among future newlyweds.

Spring Wedding Theme Ideas

One of the simple ways to add a touch of spring to your ceremony is to select an outdoor venue. A garden, a terrace, or an open field are wonderful options that will emphasize the spring theme.

If the weather is warm enough, then put a note on the invitation card about the dress code. You can choose a few pastel colors and ask your guests to choose attire in these shades.

The most popular spring flower is the tulip, hence you can select it as your wedding theme. It comes in a wide range of shades so you can choose the one that suits your celebration the most. A bridal bouquet made from a bundle of tulips mixed with daisies or lilac will look gorgeous.

A butterfly theme is also a popular choice for a spring wedding. It will bring a note of romance to your event if you delicately use decor with a butterfly design. It can be used on the floral arch, like a design on centerpieces, or wedding favors.

As for the cake, you can opt for a design made from a real flower. Alternatively, you can go for an open cake that is decorated with berries and fruits. The best flavors for a spring dessert are lemon, vanilla, and yogurt, as guests most probably like something light rather than heavy cream cakes.

Instead of going for full-length dresses for your bridesmaids, go for a tea-length dress. It will emphasize the spring events. The best choices for colors are baby blue, dusty pink, light yellow, lavender, peach, and all other pastel shades.

Spring wedding doesn’t need much decoration, as nature provides everything itself with blooming flowers and fresh air. It’s good to choose a white or beige palette and add their minimal decor.

No doubt, that rustic style suits spring weddings perfectly. An outdoor ceremony and natural decorations such as wood, flowers, and greenery are all excellent choices for a spring celebration.

All pastel shades - pink, lilac, light blue, green, yellow - are perfectly fit for spring weddings. However, to add some uniqueness opt for patterns instead of solid colors. It can be a polka dot, pastel with small flowers, or bows.

To complete the spring theme, choose the right wedding menu. Fresh berries and fruits, ice cream, and juices are perfect for a spring event.

No matter what wedding theme you choose for your spring celebration, ensure to take wedding photos with a beautiful backdrop of blooming gardens and landscapes to remember this special day.

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