Spring perfumes wedding trends

Spring is the time when nature is reborn, and everything starts blooming. It is the time when women start blooming together with nature. They feel feminine and graceful and try to scent like nature. Thus, they pay particular attention to the choice of perfume for the spring season.

Spring Perfumes Wedding Trends

In perfumery, there are four main types of odors. These are:

- Floral. Substances of this category are perhaps the most feminine and romantic. Most often, such perfumes are characterized by sweetness and tenderness.

- Fruit. You will be associated with the pleasant scent of blooming trees.

- Greenery. It is the perfect option for those who associate March, April, and May with a bright morning and its sonorous moist smell. Herbs, hay, leaves, and other ingredients are slightly bitter, tart, and have a fresh fragrance.

- Sweet. Sweets and butterflies flutter! Here's how to describe this group of scents in three words. Fragrances of glaze, cookies, cotton candy, sorbet ice cream, and other dessert ingredients are created in chemical laboratories.

To choose the right perfume that suits the bridal outfit, find the category of the scents mentioned above that suits your character or mood the most. Below, we provide some options that will be in demand this spring. Try them. Maybe, one of these perfumes will become your favorite one.

1. Versace Bright Crystal. When the "Bright Crystal" fragrance was released in 2006, no one even suspected how much customers would fall in love with it. However, the Versace house managed to create a new legend, which has not disappeared from shelves for more than ten years.

The composition is primarily composed of water scents, an extract from pomegranate, and yuzu. After some time, they are replaced by a waltz of magnolia, lotus, and peony. Next comes a more lasting base: ambergris, musk, mahogany.

2. Gipsy Water by Byredo. A spring aroma consists of juniper, pepper, and citrus chords at the top of the composition. They are replaced by a tango of incense, pine needles, and iris root. The third phase of the perfume includes scents of ambergris, sandalwood, and vanilla.

3. Black Opium Eau De Toilette by YSL. This aroma is most perceptible in this aroma composition because of blackcurrant, coffee, pear, jasmine, and tea leaves. It is not a light scent however a perfect choice for a self-confident woman who wants to be noticed.

4. VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera. Aromas of champagne and a mix of fruits are at the top of a fragrant pyramid. Peach blossom is the second stage of the perfume. In the end, musk, wood, and ambergris smell. This scent is perfect for both daytime and evening.