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Spring flower wedding inspiration

Spring is the season when nature awakens after winter. Birds sing their songs, flowers bloom, and the first sun rays warm the Earth. This is the most delicate time of the year. Thus, spring weddings are incredibly gentle. These features of the season should be reflected in your wedding design. Why should you choose spring for your wedding?

Spring Flower Wedding Inspiration

- Blooming gardens and trees are the perfect decoration for your love story and wedding photo session. Natural decorations are absolutely free and look awesome. Your photos will be full of warm feelings, love, and positive emotions.

- It is possible to choose an optimal moment when the weather is not too hot but, at the same time, not cold.

- You won’t face any kind of rush around popular summer dates, venues, etc. Moreover, most of the services are provided with a discount as spring is not a very popular wedding season.

- A bride has a wide range of options. It is possible to choose not only a white wedding dress but also a garment with shades of light pink, peach, or mint colors. Such colors will perfectly match the season and will look harmoniously.

Flowers are the main decorative elements of spring weddings. Choose primroses to decorate your venue and create a delicate atmosphere. Tulips, lilies of the valley, lilac, and daffodils will help make the chosen venue romantic and stylish. You can use bird nests or flower cages to decorate tables.

Let your imagination run wild and create a unique photo zone with trees, flowers, nests, and birds. Let every guest feel closer to nature. For your invitation cards, you can use images of birds and flowers.

It is recommended to choose a vintage, rustic, or eco style for spring weddings as it is very romantic and is close to the chosen season.

What concerns the image of the main character, a bride should look incredibly feminine and gentle. Spring is associated with youth, purity, and tenderness. Thus, a bride can choose light and airy dresses with lace and long sleeves. Spring is the season when you can choose a wedding dress with a shade of light spring colors such as pink or peach.

The choice is an important topic. It requires particular attention. The main purpose of accessories is to demonstrate the bride’s purity and tenderness. A wreath and accessories with natural flowers will be the best option.

Spring is the season when everything starts from the beginning. Thus, your event can be not only a pleasant romantic holiday but also a metaphoric date that denotes the beginning of your family life.

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