Sports themed wedding inspiration

Recently, many couples have preferred making sports weddings. It is an alternative option for a traditional celebration. Usually, adventure lovers and people who want to break the accepted rules choose such event formats. Let's see some ideas on how to theme your celebration if you're going to arrange a sports wedding.

Sports Themed Wedding Inspiration

1. Outfits. Remember that newlyweds' outfits will be slightly modified when planning a sports wedding. A bride can choose a classic white dress of a "princess" style without hoops but combine it with sneakers or gym shoes. I will add a bit of negligence and create the necessary image of the celebration. High heels are unnecessary for this format.

What concerns a bridegroom, he can forget about a classic black suit and wear a simple T-shirt and shorts or pants with gym shoes or sneakers. Here they are! Newlyweds are ready to welcome invitees!

2. Venue. It is necessary to choose a creative and themed wedding venue in Dubai. A soccer field will be an excellent option. There, you will have a lot of places and can combine a banquet and a disco platform. If you still want to arrange the event in a cafe, choose locations where the interior matches your style. For example, it can be a cafe for sports fans. First, you can save money for decoration as such places already have all the necessary attributes of a sports theme (cups, balls, etc.). Secondly, there you'll create the required atmosphere. Thirdly, the menu is adapted to sports themes.

3. A dress code. All invitees should follow a dress code. For example, men can wear shorts, a T-shirt, pants, and a chemise. For women, it is possible to choose a sports dress or a sports suit. In any case, guests should forget about formal and cocktail dresses. t is not the right choice for a sports wedding. Do not forget to inform your invitees about the dress code in an invitation card.

. Men. It would help if you also thought about the men. Wedding dishes should have some sports design detail. For example, it is possible to serve a salad in the shape of a football ball. A wedding cake also requires attention. On the top, a groom and a bride can try to score a ball in their wedding outfits.

. Sports wedding item. Distributing pompoms, penny whistles, and other sports attributes among guests will be the perfect idea that will help create the right atmosphere for a sports wedding and keep all guests cheerful.

. Entertainment program. It should comprise some creative competitions that are borrowed from sports disciplines.