Spanish themed wedding inspiration

Themed weddings are becoming a real fashion trend. If you want to celebrate your wedding day brightly, stylishly, cheerfully, then you should pay attention to a Spanish-style wedding. Such a wedding suits temperamental, optimistic people. A Spanish wedding is accompanied by a colorful interior, passionate dances, bright outfits. Separately, it should

Spanish Themed Wedding Inspiration

be said about the unsurpassed cuisine of the Mediterranean. All these elements will make your wedding evening unforgettable, cozy, and colorful. The Spanish style will open up a wide field for you to think about. You will be able to realize any ideas related to the traditions and customs of such interesting people.

In modern Spain, the tradition of getting married in a white dress has taken root. However, Spanish women like to add black, red, or orange to their look. If you are not ready to give up the traditional style, which is characterized by a white dress, then it is quite possible to add typical Spanish details: lace, embroidery, fan. Light fabrics, such as organza or chiffon, are chosen for the dress. Silk also works. Moreover, silk will emphasize all the advantages of the bride's figure. The silhouette of the dress should be fitted. Many girls prefer to wear a corset.

It is worth paying attention to the dresses in the Spanish style. Traditionally, they are made in black and red colors and are similar to flamenco dresses. Such dresses are characterized by the presence of a certain amount of flounces on the skirt, lace, and embroidery. The hairstyle can be decorated with red flowers. You can use a veil. If you love voluminous jewelry, then a Spanish-style wedding is for you, because the representatives of this country love to use voluminous jewelry in their hair. Almost every bride has a wedding bouquet. According to the tradition of a Spanish wedding, a sprig of an orange tree or its inflorescence should be included in the composition of the bouquet.

The groom can choose the usual classic suit, which will be in harmony with the bride's outfit. If you want to impress, then it is quite possible to purchase a tuxedo or even a designer tailcoat, decorated with embroidery and patterns. If the wedding takes place during the hot season, then you can put on a vest and shirt. The vest looks good with a Spanish bride dress. Earlier, according to tradition, in Spain, the bride had to embroider a sash for her lover with her own hands. Where guests can come If you nevertheless decide to arrange a wedding in the Spanish style, then you should definitely warn the guests because this topic is quite specific.

This can be done using invitations, or you can call each of the guests personally. It will be pleasant for them. Better to leave at least a month in stock. Then the guests will be able to prepare, and the atmosphere at the party will be exactly what you expected. Depending on the style of the wedding, you can ask guests to prepare outfits. If you decide to hold a wedding, for example, in the style of Spanish flamenco, then ask the guests to find costumes of flamenco dancers. If you don't want to restrict guests, you can simply ask them to purchase some parts. Alternatively, you can prepare the Spanish-style parts yourself, which you can hand out to the guests at the entrance.

For example, red flowers in hair or fans are suitable for girls. And for young people, neck scarves are red. In this case, agree on the color of the outfits in advance so that the guests do not look ridiculous with your accessories. Decorating a room in a Spanish style is just as important to providing the right atmosphere as the right mix of details. A Spanish-style wedding is distinguished by its brightness, emotions, and passions. There are a lot of details to think about to achieve exactly the effect you are hoping for. Everything should be in the same theme: the dress code of the guests, wedding images of the young spouses, the cuisine, and the script.

The cheapest option would be to rent a hall in a Spanish restaurant. Then you will have to make a minimum of effort to decorate the hall because it will be decorated in accordance with your wishes anyway. And there will be significantly fewer problems with the cuisine since in such restaurants the menu corresponds to the region of the world in whose honor the restaurant was opened. But despite the presence of Spanish design and elements of Spain, this option does not relieve you of all the hassle of organizing the space. Additional details of decorating the room still have to be thought out. In any case, all the decorations intended for the wedding should be bright and spectacular.

The table can be decorated with fruit vases, grapes, flower arrangements. You can prepare pictures that will depict national dances and bullfighting, landscapes of the Mediterranean. To make the evening cozier, you can invite musicians to play Spanish guitar or flamenco dancers. The style of Spanish music is especially suitable for your wedding. Spanish Style Wedding Details Before the wedding, it is important to consider the following details: It is advisable to distribute invitations in advance so that guests can prepare. To do this, you need to come up with the text and design the invitation cards, if you make them yourself.

With the help of invitations, guests should understand what format of the event is expected. You can make invitations in the form of fans or use a color palette that sends the guest to distant Spain. You can use patterns, satin ribbons, flowers. It is better to choose the color orange, black or red. The bride's bouquet. Not a single bride can do without an obligatory component - a beautiful wedding flower arrangement. Spanish girls love to use orange flowers among others. It is believed that this color at a Spanish wedding brings prosperity, happiness, the realization of cherished desires.

Also, don't forget to purchase bouquets for each of the bridesmaids. Spanish cuisine is varied and delicious. It includes a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits and uses a lot of olive oil. A person who comes on a holiday in Spain will definitely not go hungry. You can offer your guests a variety of snacks - tapas, paella, cheese platters. And of course, no meal is complete without wine. Therefore, let red wine become the main drink of the feast, and at the same time a beautiful decoration for the decoration of the room.

A cake completes any wedding. A Spanish-style wedding is no exception. You can order any multi-tiered cake, decorated with figurines of the newlyweds, edible flowers. You can use red, orange, or black edging. A Spanish-style wedding will help you create an atmosphere of romance and passion. Such a holiday is suitable for people with a hot temperament, those who like to have fun.