Soap bubbles for a wedding

Do you dream that the wedding ceremony will impress all your guests? Plunge into the world of magic and fairy tales. Soap bubbles for the wedding will give an amazing atmosphere to your celebration. All the colors of the rainbow will shine in a great performance by professional artists.

Soap Bubbles For A Wedding Ceremony Entertainment

Lightness, lightness, and grace will be in the air. The joyful faces of the guests, the admiration on the faces of the children, and vivid memories will be the result of the festive show. How do organize such an event? What should I pay attention to? Let's try to find answers to all the questions.

Options for soap bubble programs for weddings

Have you seen how little kids enjoy soap bubbles floating in the air? But it's not in vain! Joy and bright emotions from the overflow of colors and shades are breathtaking. Do you consider this entertainment to be child's play? Absolutely in vain. The soap bubble show for the wedding will give unforgettable emotions to everyone present. It's funny to watch how the bride blows out a huge figure in the form of a heart, and the groom gives a cute trinket inside a soap balloon.

Is the wedding celebration going to take place in winter? Invite your family and friends to work as designers at your own wedding. When the frost is below 5 ° C, soap bubbles freeze, turning into delicious balls painted with fancy patterns. Place a multicolored garland near the placer of frozen balls, which will create an extraordinary effect – and then your guests will remember the original celebration for a long time.

Modern technologies allow you to create incredible figures:

huge balls with little "soap brothers" inside them;

iridescent "caterpillars" with rainbow colors;

placers of small bubbles that do not burst for a long time.

If you are afraid of possible consequences for wedding dresses, or hairstyles – be calm. Modern bubbles do not leave a sticky film on the body or traces on clothes. The only limitation may be the flooring in the form of laminate or tile, which at the end of the show program will turn the dance floor into an ice rink. Therefore, professional artists use a special coating before the start of the performance (discuss this issue with the organizers of the show beforehand). Pay attention to the absence of drafts in the room during the performance.

The financial side of the issue is quite high. Do you want to save money? Arrange a show using colorful soap foam bubbles for a wedding with your own hands! Purchase wedding vials with a special liquid in advance in the number of invited guests and distribute them to the guests. The first dance of the newlyweds in combination with beautiful music and fireworks of the smallest bubbles will create an unforgettable atmosphere; they will become an additional reason to take amazing photos for memory.

Have you decided to invite professionals? Various event agencies, and companies that help in organizing weddings, provide similar services. Unusual numbers of the original genre will attract the attention of wedding guests:

Bright balls of various shapes and sizes will delight the audience.

The first kiss of the newlyweds in the middle of a giant soap bubble will have an unforgettable effect. And the guests will not refuse to become participants in this performance, especially children.

The slow waltz of the bride and groom under the "gentle rain" of weightless balls will create an atmosphere of romance.

Foam jewelry for ladies in the form of tiaras will be transferred to the reign of royal dynasties.

Laser special effects, garlands, smoke bubbles, colorful balloons – an incomplete list of all kinds of wonders.

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The kiss of the newlyweds in a giant bubble

Have you tried diving into a big soap bubble? A bath with fragrant foam is the wrong answer. The main number of the "soap" show will be a giant ball, in the middle of which are the newlyweds. Measuring more than a meter high, it will envelop the hearts of lovers with magic. And the bride and groom from head to toe. The features of the modern composition for bubbles make it possible for young people to move all parts of the body, gently touching the shell. Invite a professional photographer who will be able to capture all the subtleties of a romantic kiss in the middle of the ball in the photo.

Fireworks from soap bubbles

The theme of weightless bubbles at a wedding ceremony is becoming more and more popular. The traditional showering of the newlyweds with rice grains, and rose petals at the exit of the registry office, after the church wedding, was successfully replaced by banal bottles with a soap solution in the hands of the invitees or special guns that create fireworks of weightless bubbles. Delightful photos of the newlyweds under a waterfall of shimmering balls in the sun will surprise and delight the young for a long time.

The evening wedding banquet will be decorated with thousands of soap bubbles floating in the air. The bride and groom perform a wedding waltz; elegant dancing guests will plunge into the atmosphere of a "foam" holiday. For this action, it will be necessary to purchase or rent special equipment, otherwise, a cannon blows a huge number of small bubbles per minute. Pay attention to the presence of electrical outlets on the dance floor.

How to arrange a waterfall of soap bubbles at a wedding

Square Bubble

What shape can soap bubbles be? Round, oval, necessarily repeating the contour of the sphere. Do you want to see the impossible, surprise your guests? Order from the organizers of the show such a number as blowing a square-shaped soap bubble. The effect of the "time bomb" is guaranteed: the most avid skeptics will be delighted! And let there be explanations for everything – to create such a miracle, a special frame is needed – magic and magic will give the wedding unforgettable emotions.

Foam garlands

Huge garlands of "non-melting" soap bubbles appearing in the hands of professional actors are akin to works of art. Bubbles are matryoshka dolls, small, or large, they do not burst for a long time, leaving an unforgettable impression. The bride and groom will be able to "give" each other a whole armful of foam, and children and adults invited to the wedding will have the opportunity to hold a soap garland in their hands, decorating a corner of the banquet hall with it.

Creating Bubble caps

Do you want to see a number at a wedding when soap bubbles "boil" in a huge cauldron, forming a cap? Or try on a foam wedding decoration, and decorate your hairstyle with an unusual crown of bubbles? This miracle will happen before your eyes when the artists show such an original trick. Laser illumination will give color effects, and wonderful music will create an atmosphere of harmony and magic.

Burning soap ball

The masters of the festive show will try to surprise the guests, the newlyweds. What is a soap ball? The shell is spherical in shape and includes water, soap, and glycerin. How is it possible for water to flare up when it comes into contact with a fire source? A burning soap ball will refute all the laws of physics. The secret of magic is simple: the illusionist uses a special tube for soap bubbles impregnated with a mixture of flammable gases. But, let's leave science alone. We will delight, like children, in the wonders of the masters of the show at the wedding banquet.

Multicolored bubbles filled with smoke

What wedding celebration can do without colorful soap bubbles? Discuss this possibility with the organizers of the show beforehand. They will create a rainbow atmosphere, give a zest to the holiday, and delight the children and adults present. White frosted bubbles alternating in a "soap" garland with ordinary ones will become the original "chip" of the program, surprising the wedding guests and the newlyweds themselves.

Do you want to see miracles created by "wizards"-professionals at the wedding? Huge soap-foam balls and small bubbles that can be given to each other; enchanting placers of bubbles floating above the stage; original "heart" figures will be a gift to the newlyweds and guests of the holiday. Delight, surprise on the faces of adult guests; admiration, and joy on the faces of kids is the best assessment of a spectacular performance.

Be sure to use the services of a professional wedding photographer. Especially to capture the unforgettable moments of a soap show! To make amazing pictures of young people in the bosom of nature will help a magician who masterfully owns "bubble" miracles. To recall the forgotten childhood feelings of delight at the sight of floating balloons, the newlyweds will be given the opportunity by two ordinary packages of bubbles. The romantic entourage, lightness, and airiness of the action will plunge you into a fabulous world.