Slimming world recipes

Slimming is one of the most fundamental concepts in our lives. You’ll hardly find someone who has never wanted to get slimmer or been on a diet. Women are more prone to this way of life. They are constantly unsatisfied with their figures.

Slimming World Recipes

What if we say it is possible to lose some weight with pleasure? It is no secret nowadays that starving or eating only apples or buckwheat is unnecessary. Being on a diet can be pleasant if you know delicious recipes that won’t harm your health and help you get slimmer quicker. In this article, let’s consider such recipes.

- Breakfast

A proper and healthy breakfast should include fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. You should eat enough food to give your body enough energy for the day ahead. There are several options for a healthy and tasty breakfast:

1. Oatmeal with linseed oil and an egg. Pour oatmeal with water, cover it with a cap, and leave for a few minutes to swell. Cottage cheese with some fruits (apples, bananas, etc.) is perfect for dessert.

2. A fried egg with toast, cheese, and bacon. You can either eat it separately or make a sandwich.

3. Salmon with bread rolls and bread rolls with peanut butter or cheese.

4. One more idea with oatmeal. Take some milk or natural yogurt, and add some oatmeal to it. Leave for several minutes to swell. Now, crumble walnut, take honey, and cut fruits (bananas, apples, gooseberry, strawberry, cherry, or any other). It can be any berry or fruit you like or have in a refrigerator. Put all the ingredients into milk/yogurt. Mix it up. Add some flaxseed, sunflower seeds, or chia seeds.

- Lunch

1. Rice with vegetables and baked fish.

2. Prawn with asparagus. Boil prawns and asparagus in different pans. Fry all ingredients together. It is possible to add some cheese at the end.

3. Durum wheat pasta with meatballs.

- Dinner

Dinner should have the least calories of all meals. Usually, a healthy dinner should comprise cellulose (most frequently, vegetables) plus proteins. Thus, the following dinner options are perfect:

1. Broccoli, cauliflower, or French bean with eggs. Boil vegetables for 5-10 minutes and fry with eggs.

2. Chicken fillet with vegetable salad. It is advisable to steam or bake the fillet. The salad can comprise any ingredients you like.

3. Redfish with vegetable salad.

Remember that you should have two snacks during the day. Fruits and berries combined with nuts or seeds are the perfect options. Do not forget that one more important thing is the size of the portions. Even if you eat healthy correct dishes, but they are too big, you won’t lose weight.