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The simple wedding planning checklist

As the wedding day approaches, it is natural to feel nervous and excited. When being under stress, it is easy to forget about some points of the preparatory process. For this purpose, all sorts of guidelines, planners, and lists are created.

If you want to keep calm and be sure that everything is ready and will be OK, it is better to hire a professional coordinator (or planner) who will take care of all the problems. Thus, the person will take all your pre-wedding headaches.

The Simple Wedding Planning Checklist

If you want to plan everything yourself, then keep in mind the following points:

1. Make sure that all the documents are ready. This rule concerns either passports for registration or tickets for a honeymoon trip. A week before the celebration, make sure that all the necessary certificates and documents are prepared.

2. Stay in touch with service providers. Visit the chosen venue frequently to make sure that everything is ready. Keep in touch with the authorities that coordinate the stuff.

3. Book all the necessary services in advance. Remember that if your wedding is scheduled for a hot season, then it is most likely that you have to book a hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer, and other service providers in advance. It is recommended to take care of this point several months before the event.

4. Leave time for several dress fittings. A wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the celebration. Especially, for a bride. Thus, it is necessary to fit your garment several times. Moreover, if you order a dress.

5. Make sure that all nonresident guests are accommodated. If you have invitees who come from other cities, regions, or countries, make sure that you booked apartments for them.

6. Prepare invitation cards. Have you bothered about the way your invitees know about your event? Have you already prepared invitation cards? Remember that it is necessary to notify guests about the celebration several months before the date. In addition, you need time to develop and print cards. Thus, this point should be one of the first ones when starting planning the holiday.

7. Arrange a hen party. What about the last party as a single woman? Do not forget to invite girls to a bachelorette party. It is necessary to plan the event in advance as well. Develop the theme and style of the party. You should have all the necessary attributes to spend this party as the last one in your life. Remember that it is not advisable to organize the party the day before the wedding day. It is better to schedule it a week before the celebration to have enough time to get prepared for the next holiday.

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